to sell or not to sell... chanel khaki/python

  1. Great bag.:smile:
  2. If you're not carrying it, let her go.
  3. I agree - let it go if you don't carry it. Your closet and wallet will thank you.
  4. I love the python CCs, but the document style looks impossible to carry on the shoulder. Perhaps this is why you're not using it much?

    Like the other girls have said, if it's just sitting in your closet and you have doubts, then it's probably time to let it go. :smile:
  5. Hello ? Are you male ? Please explain to me how you are carryinhg a tote ? I'm not being *****y , just wondering ?
  6. I think this style is well suited for a male. I have seen a few guys using the LV Sac Plat (similar style) and it looks great.

    I love the color and the python CC's, :yes: very cool bag
  7. I like the bag...
    BUT, if you're not using it..let it go? ! :smile:
  8. It's a very nice bag! I have the sac plat and I carry it out a lot but it's up to you! I am sure you will have no trouble selling it!
  9. i'm personally not a fan of the khaki...
  10. i agree that if you are not using her, then let her go.
  11. Woah, that is a unique style! i never knew that style existed for the cambon line and it works well with the combo too!

    however if you find yourself not using the bag then you should definitely sell it
  12. Ok , i just figured out what bag it is . sorry . I was picturing something very different in my head that did seem to suit a male . I can be rather quick to speak sometimes . Again , sorry .