To sell or not to sell? BBB30

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  1. Hi dear TPFers,
    I ve been torturing myself with this question for several months now.
    Here is the picture:
    I have several H bags including b30 and b35. I use my 35 bags as work horses every single day. And even when not carrying a laptop with me I still automatically grab a 35 as dont have much time to think about it and change a bag (usually i would switch before Monday and carry a bag the whole week). On the weekends and evenings i prefer a mini constance or a roulise for a crossbody convenience. Do not have a Kelly to compare though.
    All my life i was a top handle or crossbody gal and thought that a b30 would be a dream! BBB30 with phw bought from my home boutique was an ultimate unicorn! And now, almost a year of owning the unicorn - I almost forced myself to use it may be 3-4 times, no more.
    Should i buy a Kelly 28/32? Would it be a total regret?
  2. Perhaps be happy and stay put. Why? Your answer is in your question and that is you don’t like changing bags you know yourself best. The win is you also save a lot of money. Though I love my Kelly, you may find it is more effort to open and close on the fly until you just settle into that routine. Try before making that leap if the itch doesn’t abate.
  3. the reason for my hesitance is that none of my friends is into H/bags, so no chance to borrow and trial. Nor are they interested in my drama ))))
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  4. What had you planned to use the b30 for when you first bought it? Another work bag or an evening/weekend bag to go in the rotation with your mini roulis and mini C?
  5. Why don't you try to use the B30 for work? Is it a capacity issue? You said you didn't like changing bags. Why not change to B30 and use it for a period of time and see?
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  6. the initial intend was to use it for off work occasions rotation with miniC and coulis yes! AND as a trial work bag when I don't need a laptop - 1-2 days a week
    for most days of the week I need a laptop on me and with b30 it just doesn't work, only if I intentionally would destroy the shape of the bag by placing laptop diagonally... :doh:
  7. It's hard to say because I'm not you. I have no intentions of buying one but if I had it already, no, I most certainly would never sell it. Sounds like the ideal B to me and I'm not that into them in general.

    I totally understand about not being able to talk to others about this. I probably have only a few friends myself who I can talk to about H without reducing them to tears or sleep. I think many people are not responding to this thread because they are thinking 'are you kidding?'

    I have plenty of BB bags and some of them I wear barley a couple of times a year (including my BBK 32). Then add in some RH and Bleu Marine Box. It really never occurs to me to sell any of these because they are sleek, shiny sophisticated and my favourite bags.

    If you'd rather have Box Kelly instead of another Birkin I can understand but it's much rarer to find a B in Box. Plenty of BBKs, get one (in addition) anytime.
  8. I so agree with Papertiger. I don’t really use my BB30 much but I will never let it go. And I let my 32 BBK go to my friend. Box is my fave leather. I have RH, Raisin, Black and Marine. All my treasures.
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  9. I thought I might have some "are you insane" comments :biggrin: as I sometimes think so myself. I still adore to look at her :heart: box is my fav leather ever! (waiting on b35 in bleu indigo Jonathan as was told that the chance to get a b35 in bleu marine box might be less then zero)
    I have already sold all the bags that were used less then 5 times a year. and BBB30 gives me drools and panic :shocked: What if I sell, regret and won't be able to (re)buy - why would SA offer me something I ve already bought?! my home store is tiny and there is not much stock anyway to rely on
    Actually as you've mentioning Kelly in RH and BM... any if these colours with ghw I would buy in a heartbeat... have no idea if I would be able to use them :angel::biggrin:
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  10. OMG :heart: can I ask you for a pic of your collection? sounds like my ultimate dream....:drool:

    may I ask you why you are keeping the BB30 and let your BBK32 go?
  11. Well I’ve posted my bags all over here somewhere. I let the 32 go as it suits my much taller friend better and I would eventually get one in a smaller size, 25/28 etc. As Papertiger says above, it’s harder to get a Box Birkin and than a (vintage) Box Kelly.
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  12. Thank you for sharing! I m not sure I am ready for a vintage box Kelly to try on the style, but asked SA for a 28/32 BK with GHW anyway (facepalm) to use 32 for work/travel (I hope I can squeeze a 13" macbookpro in it...) and 28 off-work...
  13. I have a Kelly togo 32 and I put my ipad in it. I dont know about a 13inch mac pro though. Personally I'd worry about the weight. I think a Epsom 32 would have a little more structure to handle the weight of a laptop? Not sure maybe other members can pipe it. Though I did find the Kelly to get very heavy with the ipad and all my other items. I have togo and Epsom birken. Even though it gets heavy I dont mind piling all my things including ipad Into the birken. I have thought about investing in a better width strap for the Kelly to see if that makes a difference. Hope this helps.
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  14. I don't have any B35s and I use my B30s to work all the time. I always carry a laptop so I have a separate sleeve for that and then I have my B30. I have gotten so used to it that I can carry both the laptop sleeve and the B30 in one arm/hand. Try it and see if it works!
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  15. Thank you! Will try to find a sleeve with handles :idea: