to sell or keep??

  1. Hi,
    I need some advice! Last month I bought a lovely large chocolate brown silverado doctor's bag from ann's fab finds. It was one of the original ones, from the first season... really soft leather, totally gorgeous. I had wanted that particular bag for years, and had always regretted not getting one when they were when I found one in good shape I snapped it up without thinking too long or hard about it. And the price was very reasonable.
    Here's the thing: I have a LOT of brown bags, and I feel like this one won't get worn much. I've only worn her once since I got her.
    Should I sell or keep?:heart:
  2. keep and sell your other brown bags, so this one get some sunlight! :nuts:
  3. Yes agree with seahorse! You've wanted this Silverado from the first season -- use it and sell some of your other browns!
  4. Keep keep keep!

    That bag is you've been wanting to have that for one does brown as gorgeous as Chloe:graucho:
  5. Obviously keep. But OMG I need some pictures baby! A DOCTOR Silverado, what is that? I'm all excited!!
  6. i'm going with keep as well. i'm afraid you would end up regretting it if you let it go now...and if this makes any difference, i hardly use mine in the winter but it is one of my favorite spring/fall bags! also it might make a great carry on for your trip?
  7. It sounds lovely so I would vote for a keeper...? And woud love to see pictures too :girlsigh:
  8. OK< thanks for talking sense into me, everyone!
    I will post pics tonight if I can.:heart:
  9. I can't wait to see the pics.
  10. hanging in anticipation to see pics! Hope to see them soon