To sell Amanda for Stam? What color?

  1. I dreamt of a blue quilted Marc Jacobs for as long as I dreamt for a Stam. Why didn't I just get the Topaz Stam, huh?

    Then I got the Amanda, but the zipper's always bugged me, like it looks like a grouchy face on the front. (I have no photo to attach at the moment, because I'm away from home.)

    Now I want to sell my Amanda for a Stam (and Neiman Marcus bill).

    But then I'd need to get the blue Stam, and I had been thinking about Mouse. No problem, I tried Topaz in the store, I think it works to be my TRUE dream bag.

    But my BFF who NAMED my Amanda (Oscar) loves it and I think is attached, heh, and HATES the Stam. Grr. I don't want to upset him.

    Well, I suppose I've decided, but advice would be good on handling giving my friend the news, and opinions on colour would be good.

    It'll be nice when I get home to get started selling again. I'm also going to sell Manolos from that shopping trip, I think.

    Thanks for reading!!
  2. This vs. This

    (I found the photo on this computer)
    TopazStam.jpg MarcJacobsAmanda.jpg
  3. If you aren't thrilled with the Amanda you should sell it. There's no point to owning a bag you aren't in love with. As for the bff, he may disagree with your decision but he should support you either way.
  4. hey i saw you were selling your amanda. she is so unique and lovely though!!! most of the other bags are not really shoulder bags and your amanda is probably the only real shoulder bag i can think of from the collection. Can't believe you're selling her! it's on my want list but i'm budget constrained right now =(

    but if you don't love her then i guess she needs to go and you can get your stam. i like the topaz looks nice =) the cobalt blue is too bright for me.

    maybe the BFF can buy yout the stam then you won't have to sell amanda!!!:nuts:
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    That's partially why he doesn't want me to get a Stam - the price. Hah.

    Is that the dark blue? I like the new dark blue too.

    I think I might still get mouse, and wait for the Topaz Elise. Yes, I'm realizing I probably can't have large designer collections right now, but I NEED one MJ with a zipper pocket and one with a pushlock pocket. Aren't I right?

    I'm not crazy dying to need the blue quilted right now anyway. I've satisfied the hunger. I hope it doesn't come back when the Amanda's gone.

    Hey let me know when you think it will be in your budget - or you could give me a lower offer. I love things going to the perfect person.

    That zippered "mouth" bugs me, I just see a face, otherwise I love him (named Oscar [Amanda]).

    So I like the Stam because I find it ladylike, that's why I'd lean toward Mouse. I love blue, which is why I'd get the blue and sell the Amanda. Hmmm. Either way possibly, but I think I need to think long term. :yes: So if I can get my hands on a Mouse (they're sold out grr), then I'll go for that. Ooh, on the other hand, I saw a Stam inspired bag in a blue and I love how it's so different.

    Shucks, lol. Need to decide.

    Any personal preferences?