To SDJ or not to SDJ, that is the question


Apr 9, 2015
Hey Ladies!

I've been casually following these forums for a while, and hardcore diving into them for the last week. My boyfriend wants to buy me a nice bag that I wouldn't normally buy myself, as a birthday gift. After many hours of research, reviews, and trying on bags in person, I find myself still pretty undecided. I'm hoping all of you wonderful experts can help weigh in.

Shoes tend to be what make my heart sing, so I don't have much of a bag collection. This is definitely a bag that I want to last a long time, so I'm going for something timeless (but not boring).

I love me some Saint Laurent, and the current seasonal SDJ in Black/Black and White Python tops my list in terms of looks (attahced).

Pros: It's less boring than black, still neutral, edgy but classy, and the print hides a bit of the accordion look, which is my personal least favorite part of a SDJ. This bag would go great with my wardrobe and personality.

Cons: The newer SDJs have no lining in order to lessen the weight of the bag. While it being lighter than previous versions is a good thing, this means 1. less functionality because the inside lining zip pocket is gone and 2. the beloved structure of the SDJ is not as sturdy. In the picture below, you can see the handle and model's hand pushing on the bag and making it curve. I saw plenty of SDJ's in stores where the corners were a bit droopy or the top middle part was buckling under the weight of the handles. With far more malleable leather, I wonder how the bag will age, and how appealing it will be without its rigid shape.

A far more functional alternative, but less visually interesting, the Rive Gauche in blue (attached).

Pros: Still has some structure to it, the popping color is still versatile while giving some life to the bag, zip closure, suede interior with spacious zip slip pockets, a magnetic slip pocket on the back exterior so you can drop your phone in easily, and lightweight.

Cons: Visually uninteresting bag. While the luxurious materials and small details elevate it above an average bag, the design is nothing special. A functional bag with a simple look can easily found elsewhere, so is it really worth this price point?

I am having a really hard time deciding what trade-offs to make. Finding the perfect bag seems unreasonable, but should my one investment piece be more for style or function?

Thanks in advance for helping me out!


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Jul 9, 2010
Hello and welcome!!
It actually took me a very long time to get on the SDJ train as I didn´t like the earlier versions of it (they had issues with sagging and weight). The last 2 versions seem to have fixed the sagging issues and the last version (currently in store) the weight issue by removing the leather inner lining.

Now personally I do not mind the weight of the previous version of the SDJ and I loved the inner leather lining (very luxurious). I bought it in tan calf leather which is smooth and buttery and makes my heart leap when I see it!! I also got a 30%+ discount so bought it. I have not had issues with sagging, and I have not babied it particularly either. I am getting a lot of stares when I use it actually

I think with SDJ, I was not convinced entirely - but the more I saw it online and in store, the more I started loving it to the point that I was trying to decide between the Celine Luggage, SDJ and the Antigona and I went for the SDJ in the end.

If one compares the Rive Gauche to the SDJ, I had not thought the former to have more structure. But then again I had ben bowled over by SDJ entirely by then, so who knows (I know, not very helpful) :smile:

Finally from what the SAs in London (Bond St + Selfridges) and Madrid say that SDJ is the more classic one.

Ultimately they are both good choices. You should go for the one that makes your heart sing, they will be good either ways, and if you can a reveal would be great!!!


Aug 1, 2013
I agree about the structure, I went into the store and I looked at the grained leather and it was so flimsy.. the middle part between the handles sagged into itself..

I think you should try on the croc embossed..

*i have the baby size so the list is gonna be based off that.

Pros: The structure is rock solid, it's black with an edge. Don't need to baby it because you can just wipe it off.

The no suede lining is a huge pro for me, it's not like they're using one piece of leather.. it's one for the outside and one for the inside, maybe because mine is croc.. I feel like it's extra sturdy. Plus I would HATE to clean any crumbs or dust that got trapped in the suede lining.

Cons: The removable pouch is so thin, I can only comfortably fit my cles (with my keys sticking out) and my phone.

That's kinda it. That's all the cons I have for it.

I agree with your boyfriend that you should splurge for your birthday [emoji51]

Let me know if you want pictures, good luck!


Nov 30, 2015
Hi there,

I am new to Saint Laurent too and, like you, was offered the chance to buy a special bag for my birthday.
With no Mulberry or Chloe to desire I too looked at theSDJ and when I was given a 10% discount went for it. ( it's not my birthday yet so I am not allowed to even look at my bag) ����
After much debate I went for an old style croc print. I love the suede lining as it feels more luxurious. That said I do prefer the new style print but do not like the bare bones interior.
The python is nice though. If you have real doubts walk away.
Do you think the fact you are unsure means that you have not quite seen the right bag yet? ��