To scarfies - do you ever face a stained scarf dilemma?

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2012
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    My question is for scarfies who not only admire their treasures in drawers but actively wear them out -- to dinner, to hikes, to toddlers' playdates (well, maybe not to playdates).

    I have been revising and trimming my collection, and in the process I've been studying all my scarves very closely. I've come to the conclusion that silk somehow attracts stains! I'm careful with my scarves: I do wear them out, but in restaurants I usually take them off, and I try not to risk wearing them around my messy children. I'm nowhere near as daring as MaiTai, for example: I marvel at the photos of her cooking in the kitchen or climbing cliffs while wearing her impeccable scarves. :smile:

    BUT: in spite of all my care, a great number of my scarves have inexplicable stains. :sad: Not huge stains of an "Oops, there goes my glass of red wine!" variety, but small, pesky, oily stains acquired, it seems, just by my being in the proximity of food. I'm not afraid to handwash my scarves -- I've read through all the scarf-cleaning threads here and found them tremendously useful -- but many of these little stains just don't come out. I've tried sending a couple to an excellent dry cleaner - same result. They are not anything anyone would ever notice when I'm wearing the scarf, but I know they are there and they bother me.

    But here is something funny: once a scarf is stained, I find myself liking it a little less but wearing it a lot more, since I'm no longer worried about keeping it pristine.

    So, here are my questions for other scarfies who wear their treasures a lot, like TangoTosca or Lanit or so many others here: do you have scarves with stains in your extensive collections? Do you treat them any differently from your other scarves? Do you find yourself wearing them more or less? Do you let them go once they are less than perfect? Or do you accept small imperfections as part of your wearable art and love them all the same? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. I think scarves are grease magnets. I don't think I have ever gone out to dinner, no matter how careful I am, without getting some little stain on mine, and you are right the little oily stains do not come out. I am going to keep wearing them with or without stains and out to dinner, you only live once and what is the point of having them if they never come out of the box. I have used the Dryell stain pen with fairly good results and it did not leave a ring, I keep it in my bag so I can instantly treat stains on my scarves or my husbands tie! Use and enjoy!
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    I've basically stopped wearing my scarves out to dinner, because otherwise I just fuss and obsess too much worrying about stains, and I don't enjoy the food and wine and company as much as I should. It's a bummer because honestly most of the time that DH and I go out in the evening, it involves a nice restaurant and I'd love to wear my scarves.... I just find it easier to wear my scarves to the office or for daytime but then I throw them in my bag when I'm around food.
  4. I always tell myself that I won't send my beloved H scarves to drycleaners as I simply can't trust them! As I'm so paranoid and like things to be perfect, I know I will be very upset and annoyed if there was stain on my scarf. I probably won't love them any less, but I will try like crazy to get the stain off or hide it when tied.

    So far I'm glad none of my H scarves are stained yet as I have tried to be very careful with them. I will always put them away when I eat, etc. but I have had very close accidents. Thank god nothing happened yet!

    However my clumsy self managed to get foundation (which left incredibly stubborn stains and only wash off after 3-4 washes on my cotton shirt) on a light aqua colour Ferragamo scarf and I washed it with success just once! This scarf has since become my brave-it-all scarf! If I knew I might be in a sticky/ risky situation - this is the scarf I would go to because I know I can wash it! If I had to wear a H scarf in such situations, then I would choose a darker colour one, just in case!
  5. It's just imposibble in my experience to avoid stains. :sad: And I usually start wearing scarf more often once it's not so perfect too. :smile: Actually, I even have couple of old quite stained scarves especially for cases when I wouldn't wear some new ones. :smile:
    And, yes, I love them all the same and even more because usually some good memories go along with wear and tear.
  6. my h scarves are pristine since i never wear them (i only have 2!) but i love wearing my gm shawls and they do show wear, piling, stains etc..because i wear it everywhere all the time!! wear is inevitable and very difficult to avoid unless one doesn't use them, which is a waste really. i love them all the same though..and this applies to my bags, shoes, clothes, jewellery and accessories..i don't see the wear as imperfections..i see them as reflecting me, my personality and my lifestyle :smile:
  7. I took my scarves off or turn them around when I eat. But it does get dirty from sweat or whatever, just hand wash them or dry clean them and they will be as new again. I don't worry about stains and I bought them to use them.
  8. I agree 100% with Chincac, and I wear mine to do ALMOST any activity (going to dinner/out for coffee included). I tell myself "why have them if you do not use them?" I can truly say I have not (knock on wood) had much staining or markings on them, or at least not enough for me to notice without close inspection.

    Unless one is specifically a "scarf collector", which I am not, (and in which the terms of use would be entirely different), I feel that if there is a print you ESPECIALLY love; buy two - one for storage and one for use (I know this cannot always be the case especially when we come late to the purchase after a season or two). However, I also try to think of it this way...and perhaps to the dismay of my DH: Hermes will always make a scarf print I will want to purchase so, if I wear the ones I already have, it gives me good reason and "justification" as to "why I need a new season scarf or two...":graucho: hehehehe:P
  9. I cant understand why but as long as I m wearing a scarf, they always got stained, and those days when I m without a scarf, there arent any stains, I m curious why?
  10. Dear Spring in Paris, I agree 100% with chincac and glamour bag! When I buy a new scarf I tend to "save" it for a while. And then I think - what did I buy it for? So I'll wear it - I wear my scarves on a daily basis, wether it be grocery shopping, for work or whatever. I get stains on my scarves, too (grease just seems to be a real magnet :roll eyes: ). Sometimes the dry cleaners will be able to remove them, sometimes not. Then I'll just twist and turn them so the - mostly tiny - spots can't bee seen. I think scarves, jewelry, bags etc. are all there to be used and the patina just makes them look even better. :smile: And the more something is loved/used the better I feel with it/the better it feels on me :smile:
    What do you think?
  11. Another recommendation here for the Dryell stain pen! I've used this on little grease splatter marks with fine results (though seems to work best for fresh rather than old and dried stains). I turn my scarves around during eating too. And, I have a couple of designated "messy meal" scarves...older, well-worn and loved scarves which I wear out when I know I will be entering a dangerous, high-potential food stain zone, e.g. Asian or Italian places (pasta sauce...shudder). :P These scarves take a beating, have been hand-washed multiple times, and still look great (and become so soft, with that lovely "vintage silk" feel)!
  12. I wear my scarves a lot, but am very very meticulous about my clothing in general (whether it's Hermes or H&M) so I do take some precautions-- turning my scarves around while eating as others have mentioned and also tucking a small ziploc bag in my purse in case I'm in a situation where I feel my scarf might better be stowed for a while. So far I've been very lucky-- the only mark I've put on my scarves myself has been a big lipstick kiss on my Au Coeur de la Vie when a gust of wind caught the end and blew it into my face-- but that came out with a gentle cleaning, thank goodness. I do have a white scarf that I dry clean more frequently just to keep invisible stains from becoming visible, as they often do with light-colored silk.

    Pre-loved scarves are a different story entirely: I don't mind when they have a few pulls or little marks, even if they show when folded, so long as I didn't put the marks there myself. If I stain a scarf (or scratch a bag, for that matter), I give myself a hard time, but if someone's already done it for me, I don't care and find it very easy to enjoy a bag or scarf with signs of use. Now, if only if I could cut myself the same slack instead of flipping out if I create even the smallest mark.... :rolleyes:
  13. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but at the same time I enjoy wearing beautiful things. That being said...

    I will wear my scarves out and try not to worry about stains, etc. If I know I'm going to a lunch I'm more aware of ordering "neater" things (i.e., not lobster nor soup nor oily pasta). Also I find that I am inclined to be a little "more careful" when eating/drinking.

    Funny, I find in the process that I consume a lot less. Call it the "hermes scarf diet" haha.
  14. The thought does make me pause before I buy lighter cws but actually my scarves have surprised me by staying fairly stain free (including the paler/white based).

    I do think how I wear them to limit poss damage, take them off or turn around when eating (depends on the company :graucho:). I also wear them OUTSIDE my jacket if I need to look smart but the room get's stuffy and overcrowded like at a conference.

    I was sold one scarf with a stain on (lip gloss prob) and told not to worry about it (last one about).

    I also take scarves and ties to Hermes to get them dry cleaned (£10). Whoever does the cleaning for them does an amazing job on any possible stains and know not iron the hems.
  15. I purchased a pre-owned scarf which had perspiration stains, and I dabbed hydrogen peroxide on gently with a cotton ball. Since the scarf was already used, I took the chance and it worked out well. The stains were on a white background. They came out. You would do this at your own risk, though.