to save or not to save?

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  1. i browse. go ghopping fill my cart and usually put everything back. if i do purchase, it is something that i really have been looking for for a long time as oppose to an impulse buy.
  2. It can definitely be hard to save up for larger pieces, but sometimes you need to get something a little small.

    I am currently on a 1 year ban (halfway through!) and I hope to buy either a Bloomsbury or Cabas Piano at the end of it. However, I am seriously LUSTING for a wallet right now too. If I am diligent at saving, I might be able to get a bag and a wallet. I keep telling myself that I just got the rose pop cles and my Cartier trinity ring in February so I should be well satisfied for now!

    I still have the itch though........
  3. There is no LV in my town, or anywhere near me so I have to wait to travel to the big cities to get my LV. That gives me time to save for my purchases
  4. I have the same problem... I have never saved up more than $500. (As I am a poor college student lol) But my new strategy is to stick all money that is not for necessity into my savings account. Outta sight, outta mind. I also am saving up for either a galliera, or a speedy 30 and a few accessories. So I printed the ones I want and taped them on my wall next to my bed so when I wake up and go to bed, I am reminded of what I am saving for.
  5. haha, i guess i'm not alone. i have been dying to get a chanel bag and i can afford it now but still resisting this temptation since i only got my LV last month. i said it has to be on december or early next year before i make another big purchase. so i do yoga and pilates to help me meditate and release all those energy that could have been transferred to impulsive shopping. it's super-hard though, but i guess its working.
  6. i agree about impulse shopping..... i always tend to spend spend spend.... rather than save (i feel sorry for my future husband LOL). i think you should hide the money from yourself rather than make it easily available to you. like put it in some hiding place you have so that you know you won't just get it out of your wallet and use it.
  7. I'm horrible at saving! If I really want something, that's how I stay motivated! I try to cut other things out to help me save eating out, etc!

    One thing I've been doing to keep motivated on my diet but you could apply this to saving for your belt is to hang a picture of the belt in different places! I have a picture of a dress I want hanging on my fridge!
  8. I am going through this now as well. I really love the bag charms and the monogram multicolor agenda. I would love to get them both but if I save about $400 more I can get the neverfull roses!!! I am ready to buy but am wondering should I just wait a few more weeks to get that bag?
  9. I actually shop way less now than I used to and when I do go shopping I am very picky and often don't buy anything, and I'm fine with that and don't feel deprived or anything. I think I'm a little burned out on shopping since I did it so much in the past, the merchandise available now is not as appealing as it once was, I'm much busier with working and studying and have to have other priorities. Now I know that when I do buy something at least it's something I really, really wanted and will really enjoy for a long time. The best way to stop impulse buying is staying out of malls/stores and off shopping websites you used to buy from, it is too big a temptation. Fill your time with other things and you'll find you don't really miss shopping or the new stuff that much.
  10. I have the same prob with buying all these SLGs and now the macassar keepall is coming out soon so I need to scramble and get some funds together!
  11. I have always been pretty good at saving which is good as I only work part-time. I have managed to buy a small but nice apartment and a few months ago I bought a house with my partner. That would never have happened if I hadn't resisted my urge to shop!
    I look at all the lovely LV's on tpf and do envy you all a little bit sometimes. Though, I know one day I will get a nice LV bag and in the mean time I will just be happy looking at all the lovely things on tpf and enjoy my tiny collection.
    ps - it also helps that there is no LV or the like in my city!!
  12. I have the same problem too. I have the hardest time saving because every time I go out I always have to get something! I live in the city so I pass by stores just going to school /work and I can't help but to go inside- n i never leave empty handed =x I have been spending on clothes and shoes but rlly want to save up for my Louis bag!
  14. I dont have willpower, if i want something bad enough i will get it, though, i have a habit of getting fixated on something... so generally i dont get side tracked and buy something else instead.

    plus my income doesnt allow me to buy LV all the time so i have to be careful of what i pick. so unless i know i have the funds to buy what i want i generally dont browse or go into their shop, too much temptation.
  15. I put X amount in my money market every month via direct deposit- so I never really 'feel' the money; however, lately I've been making some 'transfers' to feed this purse's so dangerous!!!