to save or not to save?

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  1. some tpfers are probably like me, they need to work hard to earn their own prize possessions. I always see these little things I like but then I realize that if i save up a bit more I can buy something bigger... like those bag charms, I really want one but looking at the price I would sometimes think if I save up a little more I can buy a belt... but 90% of the time it doesnt work with me, I usually end up buying some other small accessories as I had lost my willpower to save :P its like I'm dying to buy something to satisfy myself, I NEED to shop. Do you tpfers had experiences like these? What are some methods you use to control your willpower? :smile:

    Note: sorry if this question had been posted before! :biggrin:
  2. Willpower? what is this? You know my one goal was the Richard Prince jokes bag, 5 bags later I still don't have it and they are gone :shucks:. If it wasn't for my 401k I would be planning to retire into my purse cabinet one day.....but when I REALLY need to save I stay home and cross stitch, I found I can go a little while without spending a ton if I just get a coffee and walk around the mall with no charge cards...I just like the hustle and bustle, and people watching.
  3. i have no will power. i get multiple packages a day in the mail box from ebay purchases. i buy tons of clothes and over 90% of the items don't fit me perfectly so i give them to my friends. one of my friends told me the other day that she thinks it is weird that i am constantly giving her clothes and jewelry. everytime a friend comes to my house i have to send them home with something... some people are like that with food but i am like that with sunglasses-dresses-blouses or jewerly. but i would never give them my louis bags :smile: those are mine forever.
  4. i definitely know about the NEED TO SHOP....i do it daily from the computer and weekly visits to the LV buying has quieted down a bit as now I am able to walk away from a purchase to "think about it" and usually by the time i figure out I dont really need it theres something else i "think" i on and on it goes never ending.....
  5. I just know if I need it I will get it. Though I make a nice salary and have other money I know I cannot have everything. I figure out what I want and buy it if I can or wait. I bought a new TV and cabinet so I will not buy a purse for like 5 months. Just don't buy one. Think about stuff first- 400 for a bag charm. To me this is crazy =!!!! others have no problem with it. I love other things like vacations, a nice car and home. Some live with their mom and buy bags. We all spend and save differently.
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    We definitely spend and save on different things, we all got different priorities... I save on clothes by only getting select staple pieces that can last through seasons/fads and compliment what I already have and splurge on bags and shoes! I don't earn tonnes but have no mortgage or debt so saving up is pretty easy! I don't go out clubbing/drinking much anymore so that adds to the "Lisa's bag fund" alot too now.. :P to see how much is in my bank account is reward enough!

    If I want something badly.. I'll do whatever it takes to save up for it.. sometimes it takes awhile but I'll get there :smile: I used to shop on a daily basis either outside or online... I've failed for aaages on "going on the ban thing" until one day I seriously challenged myself and said ENOUGH! Can't spend like a lunatic and since then only have spent on necessities!

    The good thing for LV is most stuff I want is generally there for a long time if not "forever", so I have time to save up and dig into reserves only on LE things..

    I recently got given a new massive cupcake recipe book and have been busy-ing myself with baking a different one on wkends so I don't get the itch to go shopping! So maybe find a hobby/activity you can do at home and keep yourself busy! Hope that helps!
  7. I know exactly what you mean!!

    Im only 18 and a swimming teacher and I earn $25-$30 AUD per hour. So it takes me a little while to save up.

    I saved for a few months for my Speedy 30 and 2 weeks ago I bought an Amarante Cles, which i am in love with. Vernis is gorgeous.

    Im currently saving for a multicoloure bandeau or the multicoloure silk scarve.

    My tip is to only buy what you really love. Don't 'cop out' on small items if they arent what you truly love and want. For example; i loved the vernis cles but for more than $200 cheaper I could have the monogram canvas cles, but i didnt buy that the mono, i kept saving for the vernis cles i truly loved.
  8. I'm quite tiny for European sizes and it's a challenge for me to find clothes that fits. That's my saving. Instead I buy bags & shoes - but very rarely in my city, I have to go aboard to find what I want, incl. LV bags etc. So I save till my next trip! And then splurge.
  9. If I see something I like, I'll get it. But I've specific requirements (must haves on a bag/ even must not have on a bag), hence I'll think a bit more before purchase. Sometimes, while considering, the item will lose its appeal. But if outcome of consideration is that I must have it, I'll definitely get it. Ok, I only spare a penny for thoughts on big-ticket items. For more afforable bags, I'll just buy. :smile:
  10. I always tend to buy bags so I don't have many accessories! Lol sometimes I wish that I would save more and buy less bags!
  11. In my case, it takes me a few months to decide whether to buy something or not. I always think of the usage I'll get out of my bag and longevity too. I am into classics so it'll never go out of style.
  12. I'm a busser at a restaurant, (I'm only 15), and I save my cheques and tips to purchase Louis Vuitton and other luxury items. I would NEVER purchase fake items.

    Sometimes it takes me 2 cheques to be able to buy a belt or something, but with summer I'm getting amazing hours so I can usually buy a reasonable amount with one cheque.

    I understand what your talking about and I do it ALL the time. "I COULD buy -----, but if I wait just 2 more weeks I can have -----".

    I cant wait until I'm done university and I can get a career going :P
  13. i would save....though its very hard to fight temptation
  14. I tend to ponder over large purchases although I am guilty of impulse buying once in a while. It's nice to get some really cute accessories to spice up the wardrobe every now and then, but I tend to avoid splurging on them and save the $$$ towards handbags instead. Ways to control the spending? Well, reduce the frequency of browsing through eBay and some of my favourite online consignment stores (there is no LV or other designer store close to the place where I live), and focus my energy towards bigger goals :P
  15. I am also tempted to spend my money on a few small things instead of a big one. But I always think twice about my purchases. For example, if sth is only available for a limited time (rose Pop Cles), I buy it because other things will be around longer. And I think about my needs. I don´t need a Wool Shawl in summer so I go for Sunnies, I wouldn´t buy a bag charm if I had no wallet, and so on. I really plan my Wishlist and buy piece by piece.