To Rouge H or not rouge H

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  1. I am looking at rougeH croc for my next birkin. Can't decide between Rouge H or Cocoan (more classic). I looked at the color thread and was hoping to see good pics of the color in croc. Surprised to find that there were only 2 pics. Please, if you have RougeH croc in any bag, please post a pic!! Really appreciate everyone's help!! :heart:
  2. Ooh...I'm excited for pictures. Croc is delicious!!!
  3. Rouge H. ILML's Rouge H croc is TDF!!!
  4. So, Hermesmonkey, ban is over already?? :graucho:
  5. Did you try the reference section 'the exotics family'? I think there are lots of pics there of bags in both colors! Have fun!
  6. HM, check out whitebirkin's thread. she just won CDL's bordeaux croc birkin, but she thinks it's more rouge h in color.
  7. Rouge H Croc is kind of a tricky subject actually - LOL. We really don't have any accurate pictures on the forum of RougeH shiny Croc (there are plenty of RougeH matte pics though).

    As far as swatches of RougeH shiny Croc in the stores, that's going to be a challenge as well - the reason is that the color has changed through the years, primarily getting darker. So most of the current swatches probably don't accurately depict the color as it's produced now........and even small items you might find in it such as shoes, belts and wallets vary a great deal from piece to piece.

    I'd like to tell you that Cocoan is a little less variable, but I can't - LOL. I've seen bags that vary from a dark brown, where you can't see any burgandy undertone at all, to ones with a subtle undertone - again, they vary.

    While this might seem to create an issue as far as deciding between them, it really shouldn't. Bottom line, they're both gorgeous! You just might want to ask yourself whether you want more of an overall brown (Cocoan) or more of a burgandy (RougeH) look and you should be fine.
  8. Rouge H in Croc is entirely different in Matte and Shiny. In Matte, it's lighter and in Shiny it's darker than Rouge H is in, for example, Box Calf. If you're looking for Shiny Croc, then you might want to take a look at Rouge Vif, too.

    Here's Matte Rouge H:

  9. pretty Millstream^^
  10. rouge H. :smile:
  11. Oooh, MillStream, a beauty!! I am not such a fan of Rouge H in togo/clemence, etc. because it seems more brown than red, but in matte croc, another story, esp. with the PHW, which contrasts and to me brings out more of the red. Wow!! :drool:
  12. I LOVE Rouge H. I want my next bag to be in Rouge H Box calf.

    I think it is timeless and classic.

    Shiny croc would be to die for. You are in NY aren't you? I think Rouge H is a perfect "color" for NY. Not too bright. Sophisticated and elegant.
  13. Millstream, your bag is gorgeous!!! :tup:
  14. I love rouge H color very much. This is the older version of rouge H matte croc from 2002.

  15. Is this rouge H?