To Return or To Keep

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396974346.827239.jpg I have been waiting for a Chanel Classic to come in a color I may like I am a very hard person to please I hate that I am that way but I am ... This came today and Im not sure about it I like it but then again I think it's to bright and looks like Halloween that's what I think of when I see orange ....I wanted to finish my chanel collection off by getting me a jumbo classic & a medium boy bag ... I am wondering should I return this for a fushia patent , wait for more colors , keep or return for my medium boy bag ...... Honest Opinions appreciated I am so confused thank you

    * I love everything pretty ,everything girly, & everything fly *
  2. I personally like the bigger flap bags in a more neutral color. I think it's more classic. If you want a pop of color, I'd say go for a smaller bag like the mini? Most of my chanel bags are black or beige so this is coming from a girl that is pretty boring when it comes to color loll
  3. Its a gorgeous color, but I would probably get tired of it. Now the fuschia you can't go wrong with pink.
  4. I'm not a huge fan of orange so I'd return this and buy a different color. I do love pink though!
  5. Love pink!!

  6. Yes I feel like I will just end up selling it later on down the line ... It would be a waste

    * I love everything pretty ,everything girly, & everything fly *

  7. Yes pink is my favorite color I might have to change for that cause this orange is just reminding me of Halloween

    * I love everything pretty ,everything girly, & everything fly *

  8. I agree but I already have to much black and to much blue idk what I'm going to do just to big of a purchase to settle thank you

    * I love everything pretty ,everything girly, & everything fly *
  9. Yeah its totally too big of a purchase to settle. I definitely like the fushcia jumbo though! It's TDF.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396977859.317040.jpg it looks nice in this size

    * I love everything pretty ,everything girly, & everything fly *
  11. First thing that comes to mind with this color is 'creamsicle' :smile: It is a yummy color but like what previous posters said this may be better in a smaller size like a pop of color. Of course, I'm not a fan myself of bright colors as I tend to stick to neutrals. There's no such thing as too many black bags :smile:

    Anyway, if you're still undecided, the fact that you had any doubts to begin with answers your question. HTH!
  12. I am not really an orange person id wait for another color personally.

  13. You are exactly right thank you! I think I'm going to return it!

    * I love everything pretty ,everything girly, & everything fly *
  14. Aw, haha! It kinda does remind me of a jack o'lantern (not that that's a bad thing!)! :] I think you should get a pink Chanel :] If you get a light pink it would go with a lot. If you get a bright pink it would be a great pop of color! More wearable than orange IMO.
  15. I guess I'm the oddball; I love it and I love orange, especially in the patent leather you bought. It reminds me of delicious sherbert! I'd keep it. It goes with grays, blues, white, chocolate brown, some darker shades of green....I think it's pretty!