To return or NOT to return?!?!

  1. I just got a new east west paddington LARGE in Blanc!! I was so excited to get it i was jumping around like crazy and when it's just so large. I'm a very petite 5"1' and i feel kinda silly carrying such a large bag. It's so gorgeous but I think I would have been better off with a medium one, like i saw at Neiman Marcus. I got it at a great deal 1000.00 from ElizabethThomas who is very reputable here but i don't think she allows returns. should i try to return, should i keep, should i sell?!?!?

    I really don't want to return it i made a HUGE deal about it to my husband who still doesn't know i've already bought it. any ideas???
  2. Can you take pics of you wearing it??
  3. yes i'll take some pics of me with it and u can tell me what u think
  4. Can't wait to see your pics.
  5. Can't see them.
  6. really?? just by clicking on them, you can't? that's weird...if i click on the link a pic comes up.:confused1:
  7. darn the last one's not coming up for me either
  8. I can't see your pics either. Keep messing with it, I'm sure you'll upload them so we can view. Can't wait to see it!
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  10. sorry about the last pic!!!
  11. I love it!!! :love:
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    what do ya'll think i really do like it, but i'm really reconsidering reselling now; i just haven't gone crazy over it which i take as not a good sign. and i can't stand to not go crazy over a paddington!!
  13. Oh. I see what you mean about the size. It is big. If you don't love it, then you should try to sell it. A bargain is not a bargain if you don't love it.
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    I love it:love: . I think you should keep it!!! I love big bags, they definately catch everyones eye.
    But, on the other hand if your not going crazy over it, maybe you should sell it. Give it a few days, play in it and see if it grows on you. If you don't love it after a few days then its not worth keeping;)