to return or not to return? (to luna boston)

  1. i just got my beautful eggplant HH mercer clutch wallet from luna boston, but the zipper on the back has a few kinks, two of them. the zipper looks a bit "bumpy" but zips up okay, though i can feel the bumps as i zip. its not a huge deal as im not sure ill even be using that pocket, but if i do decide to use it in the future, i dont want the zipper to break on me. what do you suggest?

    I suppose i could ask luna boston to get me a free return label and exchange it, but thats another two + weeks of waiting! ive already waited over a week to get it. but if in your experience, the zipper should be okay for light use and wont break, then ill just keep it.

    i did email them, maybe theyll offer me a bit of a discount...wishful thinking!
  2. Oops, I made a mistake. Anyhow, my opinion is on the next post
  3. I see now that you are talking about the clutch wallet. in Eggplant. Yes, if I were you, I would return it. $170 is way too much for a "bumpy" zipper, atleast IMO
  4. That would bother me. Definitely return it!
  5. I would return/exchange it. I think the wait would be worth it to have a wallet without any defects.
  6. okay, im sending it back asap!
  7. A return label came with my purchase from Luna Boston. Is that not typical?
  8. Every purchase from Luna Boston should come with a return label - it should be in the envelope with your invoice. It's a non-sitcking one, so it possible that you could have thrown it out?

    I've ordered from them several times and have had to return twice. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with them, and extremely fast returns. If you have any questions, you should call their customer service number...they are very nice to deal with.

    Good luck!