To Return Or Not Return - That Is My Question

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  1. Last Friday I took my fraying Carly into the Boutique and I was given full credit towards another bag. I chose the large steel Sabrina. Out of pocket cost was $160. I asked before checking out if I could exchange the bag later if I felt it wasn't for me and they said yes. I haven't used the bag, it's still in its box with tissue around the hardware. With PCE starting next week, I'm thinking a price adjustment would only be around $32. The problem is,one boutique said they don't do price adjustments and the other isn't open yet this morning to ask. I've thought of returning the bag for a smaller Sabrina then exchanging for a large one if I get a PCE. I got a PCE last time - 2 days after the event ended thanks to my PO that misdelivered the card. It's a headache and I hate to do it, but to be able to get the bag $130 cheaper 2 weeks later is a big difference expecially in today's economy. Am I nuts to want the bag cheaper? :nuts:
  2. Heck NO you aren't crazy to want the cheaper bag! I would hold onto the bag until you get your PCE card either in the mail of from another TpF member! Wait and return the bag ON THE DAY you have the PCE in your hands and take a GF or family member with you to "buy" what you are returning with the PCE card. If you feel they won't give you a hassle...the friend or family member wouldn't be necassary...if you think they will "hassle" you take them along to get around the rule!!!!
  3. what exactly is the rule on that? With having bought something before PCE and then receiving PCE. Can you get the price adjusted?
  4. Some stores will allow it if it's within a certain amount of time. I've noticed a shift in the two boutiques in town lately. The one that used to be rude and snotty is now easy to work with and the other one I used to like apparently has a new manager. She doesn't like you even calling to see if they have a bag. A SA was helping me on the phone the other night when I was asking about bringing the Carly in and she was told to get off the phone they had customers IN the store.
  5. Huh? It is????????????
  6. February 6-16th is what has been posted.
  7. I would get the smaller sabrina & i think you are right to want to save some money in times like these especially if there is a PCE soon!
  8. Hi,

    I don't think it is nuts. Think of all the other stuff you could get. :graucho: Good luck.
  9. Thanks. If I can't exchange it later with the PCE then I would be happy with a small cherry Sabrina. I'm a single mom so I try to pinch pennies where I can.
  10. Nothing wrong with pinching pennies, that's my philosophy!!! I would definitely wait and exchange, that's a good chunk of change you could be saving!
  11. My last class has left for the day so I'm going to call the store where my bag was purchased and see what they have to say. :dots:
  12. Go for the smaller bag and save the $$$. Or...can't you simply return the Sabrina for full credit and use it later during the PCE?
  13. Ok I just got off the phone with the boutique it was purchased in and they will do a price adjustment if I get a PCE in the mail. I got the SA's name just in case. I did find out that the PCE is supposed to be for factory customers this time around so I probably won't get one. If anyone gets one that they're not going to use, can I please, please, please have it? BTW, this just goes to show if one store tells you no, keep asking somewhere else. I'm embarassed to say that the reasonable store in this story is the one I've complained about in the past because the assistant manager flies a broom. :graucho:
  14. My local boutique (OKC, OK) told me they won't do price adjustments. So the last time there was a PCE, I just returned the bag and was planning to reorder it. Once they caught on what I was doing, they let me go home w/the same bag instead of reordering. Duh, one way or another I'm going to get the price difference back.
  15. I was told by this boutique that they'd price adjust as long as the bag was new and unused with tags. It still has tags, tissue, and the wrapping on the brass hardware. I'm really starting to like this boutique more. I think I had to get fed up enough with the assist. manager to decide if she wanted to be snarky, I'd turn up my nose right back. And, you know, it worked - she stopped acting like that.