To Return On Not To Return: Glue Stained Ivory 05 Stam $1330

  1. I have posted on a separate thread, my stam agony over the glue stains - yellow orange snot like - between and along the frame and surrounding areas of the bag. I paid $1295 plus posting which makes it about $1330. The seller was a reputable and a very good seller. She said rather than make a loss by reducing the price to make up for the defect, she would rather refund all monies to me, have the bag shipped back to her, and she will bring it back to NM for a full refund, as she paid full price for it (which would be $1200 for F/W/05 correct?). So I asked her if NM is willing to take the bag back after a year.

    My question to you is: should I keep this bag, stains and all? There are various arguements out there - look at the glue stain stam thread.

    I kept on going back to the fact that I can get a classic authentic like new / new Chanel for about $800, YSL for about the same, a new DEER SKIN antic cervo prada bag for about $1500-ish (those who have seen this leather in real life will understand, Jill? are you around?), and that our fellow lucky PF-er kimmisu had her Taupe 05 for about $1100 with some minor scratch and stain. But I really like this Ivory Stam 05!! :dots:

    baglover - our beloved MJ godma - comforted me by showing me how much others have paid for theirs (see glue stain thread) :flowers: some may be considered over-priced but it depends on how bad you want it and how many others want it as bad. so, at this point, objectivity goes out the window, and it all become subjective... :true:

    i am still on the fence (baglover knows that i have been conflicted no end in this process of trying to obtain a stam which i can love, from the topaz 06 which i have returned, and now this. i am exhausted...) :wacko:

  2. Can the glue come off? Goo Gone or similar can remove glue.
  3. Do you have pics posted somewhere?
  4. trying to post pics for people to see, but resolutions were too high and was rejected by the system. off to go out of town now to visit a sick friend, and wont be back until monday. will do lower resolution photos then and post them. please keep and eye for them? i would really like your opinion. we are 12-13 hours ahead of NY in this part of the world.

    a bag cleaner here told me that if the glue is from the bag itself, i suppose she meant glues which are used to craft bags and leather, then she can't remove them. i am not too sure if that make sense... is there a variety of different kind of products which can remove different kinds of glues?
  5. Did you try to remove the glue?
  6. Well if the glue stains won't come off I think you should return it. I don't think you should spend that much money on anything without being COMPLETELY satisfied.
  7. I agree - if the glue does not come off I would return it. That is way too much money for a bag that is not "perfect".
  8. bagsnob, goo gone stated that it is not to be used on leather... i will explore the internet for other things.

    frances, you are right. my complete dissatisfaction is currently in complete conflict with my falling in love with the bag. if i am not also eye-ing the prada deer skin antic cervo i probably would not be so tortured.
  9. ^^ yes I agree. BUT I think you're better off returning it because if you destroy the bag in the process of trying to get the glue off they most likely won't give you a refund... or anything.
  10. I buy my MJ bags at Neiman Marcus, they have excellent return policy! There is no time limit on returns as long as the bag (in re-sellable condition) is accompanied by the original receipt. If the item has defects, a new one will be given or money will be refunded. If problems occur within the 1st year, NM will send the bag out for repair free-of-charge; after the warranty period, the bag owner is responsible for the repair fee.

    Good return policy is often abused by many buyers who return bags that they already wore. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: These bad apples ruin things for everyone. When the person accepting the return doesn't inspect the item carefully, it goes back on the floor. The next buyer ends up with a possibly bag in worn/damaged condition.
  11. You are right about the Goo Gone, I just checked the back of the bottle. Sorry!! I fall back to returning the bag for full refund.
  12. ^ Good point..I agree...I could not justify spending that kind of money for the bag to be less than perfect..No matter how much I coveted the bag it would always bother me...Man.. I feel so bad for you...I know it sucks but sometimes things just happen beyond our control...I personally would send it back...In haste to get the glue off myself I would probably ruin it and then nobody wins....Still want to see the pics when you have time...Good luck
    :heart: Emmy
  13. Bagpunk, it's hard for another person to make the decision for you. It depends on your personality & how much love you have for this Fall 05 Stam. Will you lose sleep if you cannot find the exact item again? If the glue marks can be removed by your local repair shop, will you be willing to pay additional cost (in additional to fixing the frame)? If the marks cannot be removed, would they bother you in the long run?

    There are times where I keep bags that aren't perfect, I am sure there are members who are like me as well. Why? I lost my chance of owning a Spring 06 Blush Elise because I over-inspected & wanted everything to be absolutely perfect; I ordered Blush Elise twice from NM online, I sent them both back. I never stop beating myself up for that!!!

    If you start comparing to other bags, it shows that you already have doubts about this Stam (your inner self wants you to send it back). All premium brands sometimes have issues that need some repairs, unfortunately, you have to eat up the cost when it's purchased from ebay. Fall 05 Stams are known to have some problems (not supposed to, but what can we do?), some lucky owners don't have any problems with theirs. As for Kimmisu's Taupe Stam, I believe that it's not brand-new like yours, it's not quite apple-to-apple. Kimmisu, correct me if I'm wrong. =) I really hope that her Fall 05 Stam will be perfect too.
  14. ^^ yeah I got my kirsten in petrol blue recently off ebay and the hardware was kinda scratched. But I kept it because I was certain it was authentic and other than that it was flawless. And I REALLY wanted it. The likelihood of me finding another (a real) one in that good of condition, for that cheap, was slim to none. There was some eBay store seller, selling a supposedly brand new one but he/she seemed a little sketchy to me so I passed.
  15. Forgot to answer your question about the price. Stams were originally $1200USD. Increased to $1275USD in Fall 06. Will be $1350USD in Spring 07.