To Report a Fake takes 7 (SEVEN!!) clicks

  1. Why does eBay make it so difficult to report a fake handbag on eBay?

    It takes 7 clicks, PLUS the foreknowledge to copy the item number to your clipboard before starting the clicks (if you're starting on the item page, why doesn't eBay remember it for you?).

    It also takes some trial & error to figure out which "subtopics" to click in each box to lead you to the correct place.

    Granted, once you know, you can bookmark the final link, and simply copy the item number, click on the bookmark, and paste...but if you're at a different computer, you have to start all over again.

    It sure seems like they are trying to discourage reporting of fakes by throwing as many roadblocks as possible into the mix. :cursing:
  2. you don't have to write down the auction number once you are on the auction scroll down to where it says Report this item...and you go from there the auction number automatically shows up on it's own
  3. They're working on it.