To replace all the vachetta, or not to replace?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I need help deciding! I just got my all time HG bag. My very first handbag from Louis Vuitton , I only own SLGs. I've even stalking the speedy Dentelle's on eBay since I learned of them in 2009. One finally came up in auction format, and I was so happy to win the bid.


    There are a few small stains inside the bag, but I'm confident after ready that thread on that watercolor speedy restoration.

    I do love the patina already on the bag. But I'm debating, should I go get handles, tabs and piping replaced. So I can get the whole experience of watching the bag age with me? Also not sure if the cost would be worth it, in Canada.


    The lv stamping has faded to almost nothing on the tab, and the opposite tab is stretched from the lock. But it would look odd to only replace the tabs with new vachetta wouldn't it? (Faded stamping had me worried, but tpf authenticators helped ease my mind already )

    On a side note, for everyone with an older speedy, is this a normal occurance, where the tabbed top of the side collapses downward, over time? Perhaps from non use, or not being stuffed? Hope you can tell what I mean from the photo.

    All opinions welcome! ( I would be bringing it into the boutique at Yorkdale this weekend)

  2. The leather on this bag isn't vachetta so it doesn't patina like the usual Speedy you are referring to. This purse actually has a treated leather that will remain this beautiful honey brown. Based on the creases and wear to the leather on the bag I would replace it, but be prepared it is expensive. The price for my Speedy back in October was nearly $600. Good luck, and congrats on your first!
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  3. I think the cost of the repair might make the decision easier honestly. I got the etoile clutch pre-LVoed for $375, the cost to replace all the vachetta was $700, I said, no, no, no. I'm currently thinking about just paying a little more for one in better condition and selling mine.

    Did you come across bags in better condition?
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  4. Ah, I see. Thanks for the info! I'm such a newbie, haha.

    I think I'll bring it in for a quote out of curiosity, and decide afterwards. The price i paid was much less than the average "buy it now" prices from other listings. So if the repair cost added to what I paid ends up less than those prices, it might still be worth it.
  5. Yes, but they cost much more . It was the first time in 5 years seeing a listing pop up in auction format. So I just bid on a whim, forgot about it, and woke up the next day with a winning bid. I was shocked it hasn't gone higher than what I put. And there were 12 different bidders too.

    But ya, after a quote, it'll be easier to decide. Now I'm debating on whether not to say how I got the bag. Are they judgey at the boutiques if you bring in preloved pieces? Haha

    I will be buying a new lock for it. $39, I can live with that.
  6. Unless it's damaged, I wouldn't replace it.
    As stated above, it's prob gonna be VERY expensive to replace all the leather and I'm not crazy about the Cali repair center that Canada sends the items to. Just resent an item back to them as they replaced the leather on a vintage item and it's crooked and made my pattern misaligned. (This my second repair that they didn't do well for me). If u send it off take before and after pics of ur item. Good luck.
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  7. Your bag is beautiful! I was thinking of doing the same thing when I won my Black MC Speedy - which has more patina but in the end I decided to just enjoy it. For LV to replace the vachetta it's about half the cost of the bag. Possibly current cost of the Speedy 30. Also, it is vachetta leather which is dark due to patina, not like the French Co. Speedys.
  8. I think @NLVOEWITHLV is right. As far as I can remember, the Dentelle line used a treated leather. Nevertheless, LV can replace it for you if that leather is still available. It will definitely look newer and cleaner.
  9. I would go ahead and get the quote for replacement and wait a few weeks to think on it. Meanwhile carry the bag and see how I feel. You just might find it doesn't bother you at all that the leather is not new and the tab script has worn down. It's in beautiful shape IMO and has a perfect patina as is. If you find that your still not quite satisfied after carrying it, just change it.
  10. I think the idea here is great! Agreed!
    I personally think the leather color is beautiful, not dirty or dry and cracked, which would then warrant immediate replacement.
  11. Give your new baby a good condition with Blackrocks leather n rich. It will make all the difference. Then carry it for bit, get the estimate but I bet after you condition it you will decide it does not need replacing
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  12. i don't know about Canada, but in the US there are lots of leather shops that work on LV bags/replace leather for a fraction of the price that LV charges. since it's preloved anyway, maybe you can consider contacting some leather companies for quotes? you won't have any worries over taking in a pre-loved bag either. i had all my leather done on a tote for $120 and LV quoted in upwards of $400 and it looks the same as it would from LV.
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  13. Thanks everyone!

    As I learned from @NLVOEWITHLV, it's treated leather, so it's permanently that beautiful honey colour.

    It's looking a bit dry, so I'll just have to moisturize it. Any suggestions of the best product?

    I'll go get the quote just for kicks, I have to go buy a new lock for it anyway.

    Also, the dipping down from the tabs, will that straighten out after stuffing it more, or adding an organizer inside?
  14. as I suggested above blackrocks.
  15. Thanks! I missed your post the first time...oops!
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