To repeat or not repeat?

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  1. I have a small collection of bags (see signature), but I still feel like I have most of my bases covered. I really enjoy my pochette NM, which I have in DE. I use it as a clutch by removing the leather strap or I use it cross-body with a non-brand strap I purchased for it.

    DA is my least favorite print. However, I can see enjoying a DA pochette during the summer and using it the same way I use my current one. But I feel kind of silly repeating within such a small collection. I'm also considering the Favorite PM, but I go back and forth on how I feel about the magnetic closure.

    Is it insane to have the same bag in more than one pattern, especially in such a small collection? Or is anyone else just picky and finds themselves gravitating to the same thing over and over?
  2. Not insane! I have 2 speedies in different prints, and at one point I had a pochette NM in every print: DE, DA, Mono, Epi and Vernis. I just have DE now.

    What I do think is a little cray, is people who have the exact same bag in different sizes, so like a mono speedy in 25, 30, 35. And I don't mean they are a mix of LE, mon mono and bandouliere. They are literally all the classic speedy. But they find a use for them, and of course as always, buy what you like!
  3. I too have a small collection. Bought my first bag (Totally PM, mono) and have carried it every day for 5 years. I'm about to get another bag and after much research I'm planning on a Totally MM in DE. I say get what works for your lifestyle. I also have a Pochette DE and have often thought of getting a DA for summer like you. I don't care for the DA bags when they patina so I'm waiting til they make one with treated leather like the DE. Wishful thinking.
  4. Not insane if you love the different canvases. I have 4 NM pochettes (mono, DE, DA, and vernis amarante). I also have 2 speedy Bs in mono and DE. If you love the bag and love the print, then go for it.
  5. Definitely not! If you like something and it suits your needs the. I say go for it. I have 3 mini pochettes in different colours.
  6. Noo not at all! My first bag was the monogram pochette.. Then i got the speedy 30 in DE and the year after i bought the speedy 30 in Da and the pochette in DA, so my collection was 2x2 identical bags :smile:
  7. I think the main point is as long as you use ALL of them then it's fine.
  8. Definitely not ! When you find something that works why not :smile: I have a speedyb 35 DE and a speedy 30 roses .. A delightful and Duomo which is almost the same except one has a zipper and the delightful MM is a little bigger .. Similar but not the same !
  9. Definitely not crazy. This is your collection and reflects what you love and will enjoy using the most; my own small collection has 'duplicates' of the Emilie wallet, Delightful, Pochette NM, and cles.
  10. I think it's fine! You can't help what you love!
  11. I bought the pouchette mn in azur a few years ago, even though I already had one in ebene. I love the light print and wanted to make sure I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. I'm now planning to buy a larger azur purse when I travel to Europe this summer. So, I'd say to get it! You'll use and enjoy it.
  12. Repeat. I have the pochette in epi, de and vernis. All in heavy rotation for different occasions
  13. Repeat! I am a frequent repeater! We had a recent thread on this matter and when I started to make the list I realized how much I do it! :lol:

    In my estimation it is due to awareness of what works well for you and what you love. Go for it! :smile:
  14. I wound up purchasing the Favorite PM! I guess repeating wasn't for me.