to repat or not to redo??


Jan 17, 2009
heres my issue, at the moment because of other important things going on in my life i had decided not buy any more bags. im very happy with what i currently have so all is well. but turns out that a bag, one i had never considered has come in and i just dont know what to do ........ i did want a sporty easy to wear black grained leather bag togo or clemence birkin 35cm or Kelly 35cm phw or massai or maybe even GP for some reason black has been scarce in my área. and because i have a 35cm Swift ghw birkin that i love and wear almost on a daily basis i had not searched in a very serious buying way. but another black bag to not over abuse (again) my Swift is something i do think need i love etoupe but cant wear it as easily as i do black and my cassis is the same thing love it 35cm darker color but ... i could part with them for another black .

sooo back to my point or question. my Darling SA calls and says that because the boutique was redone and systems set up again and stocks moved she had not noticed that she had a black.................. KELLY SHOULDER GHW. so heres the question. i like the KS its different form the birkin or regualr Kellys so owning another black bag,
a different one that is could work. its TC and its something i can see my self wearing on a daily basis.

THE!! one issue.......... its also GHW my ideal was phw because it would make my black bags different . so what to do ???? repeat or redo combo yes or no ????

thankyou in advance for the help ...... i never thought i would love the idea of another black bag so much im usually a color person but lately ........


Because yay!
Mar 2, 2012
I think no matter what bag you choose, you should wait to get PHW for black because it is your ideal situation to have one GHW and one PHW, as you said. After all, you will wear both your black bags all the time and for such a long time, so get what you wanted! I myself have my two "main" black bags -- one is a black grained bag with gold; the other is a swift one with phw. I find that the HW makes a particulary strong impact on black (second only to white for me)...sometimes to the point where I would decide to carry a smaller bag because I want PHW and sometimes leave a larger bag mostly empty to carry the GHW...
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Dec 4, 2011
I will pitch in here, as this is a colour rather than "H" specific question and I am a newbie to the "H" side.
Generally I feel that colours and styles lend themselves to hardware, and you know when you see a specific colour/HW combo whether it works for you.
That said, black is universal and looks good with either PHW or GHW.
I do not know what a Shoulder Kelly looks like, so I am not sure what HW lends itself to that style.
However, I would say that PHW is more casual/rock n roll, whereas GHW is more dressy.
I note however that you say that your current Black has GHW and you use it everyday, so, therefore logic would say that if you had a SK with GHW that would also be a very useable addition to your collection.
I do think that GHW has more mileage than PHW as it is more classic looking, but that is purely my preference, and without knowing your style I am not sure whether you are edgier or more classic in dress.
Sorry I cannot be more helpful, but ultimately I would say if you look at it and imagine not being able to take it home with you how would you feel.
Or, if you have it and your other favourite bag side by side, which would you choose to pick up.
If it is not this one, then it is a no.


Sep 15, 2013
What a dilemma. It seems that you'd love another black bag, and the style works but the hardware is not what you want. Can you ask your SA if there may be another one in phw? I actually am not that picky about hardware (prefer color over anything else). However, in an instance where I'm getting a similar color, I would want different hardware just to have more variety. PHW and GHW do change the look of a bag and if you already have GHW, I would wait to see if another black bag comes along with PHW. Just my $02. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
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Mar 6, 2014
Ummm.. If you really want another black bag you should go for the phw since you already have a black H in ghw. But as we know Hermes don't really produce KS anymore. Which could mean that will be harder to find in phw. It will all depend on how much you love the KS. Sometimes it's just better to wait and get what you truly want. It's a lot of money to just get it without really loving it. Good luck!


Feb 18, 2010
If it was purely looking at the shoulder kelly GHW alone then I'd say go for it! It'd be so stunning! (If this was a shoulder B GHW, I'd have voted no for sure--too similar.)

Since you already have a black B with GHW, it may seem like a dilemma but is it? As you said, the shoulder K looks so different than your existing black B that it's clearly a different bag. I think the shoulder K would be a nice complement to your B. And you seem to love your GHW B and use it almost daily. IMO, the styles of these 2 bags are so different that even if they both have GHW, they will remain distinct--2 totally different looks. However, if you were thinking of PHW so you have an alternate black bag to coordinate with your jewelry/wardrobe then you may want to wait for the PHW combination. Let us know what you decide. :smile:


Dec 10, 2013
darling birkel
i tend to agree with fabfashion here. i do think the model is vastly different that being the same black GHW combo works
btw i love black with ghw - but thats just me, i dont like it with phw, i think the gold brings more luster


Jan 15, 2011
LA and Dubai
I agree with fabfashion here as well....if it does not lock you out of say a simpler black sporty bag (massai, soft K, so kelly, GP - some of which are quite reasonable from the resellers) - I would take the shoulder K.
Personally I adore the shoulder Ks and Bs. I can wear a B on shoulder as I am very small but to have one that fits truly comfortably....I think it is a dream...the beautiful Kelly shape with the ultimate convenience....I would think you would wear it a great deal.
If it's a pebbly leather I think it will be quite different from your B. I do like PHW and like to have the varying options but unless there are a few PHW black shoulder Ks at resale (I don't remember one recently and I would very much have taken note)...go for is short and shoulders are bare :biggrin:
Edited to add...when one is facing important life decisions the bags do shrink into perspective....I have just sold a bag to help a friend complete her child's in circumstances like these I say the value of the "big life thing" is unquestionable but only you know what those choices are :flowers:
Oct 19, 2008
Northern Virginia
Your first sentence says a lot. If I were you, I'd wait for the perfect bag to come in with PHW. If you truly have other priorities, you need to stick to them. Hermes bags will always be available in one form or another.

The only way I'd take the bag would be to conduct an experiment to see which bag I use more. You will have no trouble consigning/selling either bag. But you run the risk of keeping both and messing with the priorities you refer to in your original sentence.
Feb 11, 2006
speaking of shoulder kelly's - love that bag on malleries has this one in black with gold HW

Just lovely (and fairly hard to find I think)



May 16, 2014
Being that you said that you were not buying bags because of important things going on in your life, I am going to say that you should not buy the bag. This is not your "dream bag." You were hoping for phw and this doesn't have it. Believe me, I rarely need an excuse to buy a bag I like or enable someone else to do so but obviously there was a reason you were trying to curb your spending on bags for a while and since this is not THE bag, stick to your original plan.