To repair or not to repair....

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  1. Trying to decide if I should get my Neverfull repaired. I've had it for about 4 years and recently one of the side vachetta drawstrings snapped off of the bag after getting caught on my emergency brake as I was getting out of the car. I took it to a leather repair shop and they're pretty sure they can fix it but said they will have to shorten the drawstrings to do so. Not sure of the cost as of yet. I was leaning towards getting a new one, especially since mine wasn't being offered with the cute little pouch at the time that I bought mine. Help me out peeps...what should I do?
  2. I would keep the NF as there is nothing wrong with it per se, other than it needs to have a drawstring repaired/replaced and it didn't come with the "cute little pouch". Repairing the leather and purchasing a mini pochette is far more sensible than going out and buying a whole new bag, especially given the price increases and sometimes questionable quality control.
  3. Did you take it to LV, and ask how much they will charge?
    Do you have a picture of the bag that broke?
    I would probably either:

    Get it replaced at LV (would be my first to go there and ask)

    Replace both side drawstrings so it looks even. It's not the original parts, but your bag is real and that would be more for functional reasons.
    Last option is to remove both of them and have nothing there expect a home made thing made out of ribbons.
    Ps: that cute little pouch is not worth the new model of bag.
    The Neverfull bag you have is way better constructed.
    In my eyes the cute little bag was a decoy for their new design of the main bag.
    And to raise the price.
    You can always get a used Pochette accessories for less:smile:
    Don't sell your classic Neverfull!:smile:
  4. Ok, thanks for the replies. I didn't realize there had been QC issues since purchasing mine and mine has been a true workhorse for me. I did get a quote from LV for replacing the drawstring and IIRC, it was $95...not bad at all. My only concern is that I knew it would take several weeks to get it back and this is the time of year that I travel and I NEED this bag in my life when I'm traveling. I have absolutely no other issues with my NF and the fact that that the drawstring broke is all on me for not being more careful. Thanks for letting me know that pouchette isn't worth it because, as silly as it sounds, that had me thinking Id perhaps just get a new one.
  5. Don't get it repaired outside of LV or you may not be able to get additional repairs in the future.
  6. It's not silly! I think many of us thought the same. Many of us sold or old model to pay extra for the pouch.
    I was (thank the universe) stopped from selling my old model from several TPF's. I have seen construction blue prints on how the new bags are built compared to the old one. It's different. They cut corners on the new model and added a cloth thin pouch. Many people ended up selling that pouch. For 350 usd etc.
    Keep your beauty! I would fix it before the price go up. Maybe you can use something else for these trips?:smile:
    Here's mine from 2009. I know I said 2008 in my old posts but it's actually 2009. We are lucky to have these!!!❤️
  7. Didn't think about that and since I haven't received a quote from the other place, it just may be about the same amount. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Care to elaborate or share documentation ? These are pretty serious allegations.
  9. Yours looks great. With a little cleaning mine will look pretty darn good too. I pack mine full just like that when I'm traveling. I've even stuck my Epi Speedy inside of it when I want more than one purse wherever I'm going. I'll keep my baby and get her fixed then. the info here has been super helpful!
  10. Good to hear:smile: safe travels:smile:
  11. I'd definitely get it fixed by LV. Not worth buying new. You can always get another one in a different canvas down the road or just buy a pochette nm which is way more practical than the neverfull pouch IMO.
  12. Let me see if I can find it somewhere. Should be in here somewhere on TPF. Someone else posted it. I'll be more than happy to share that they are constructed different when I find it. I can search for it and see if I find some online too. The reason I was shown this was bc I was so ready for a new one last year and was advised not to. I don't think there are any allegations involved here. Unless there is a need to be defensive? I like you fabuleux, I know you are a big ambassador for the brand and you are clearly very intelligent and well spoken, which is great, but sometimes it's a bit much with the tone.
  13. NLLV, I am genuinely interested in your documentation, because if there is an indisputable proof that the bags have been redesigned to save money, all prospective buyers should be made aware of that. The idea that Louis Vuitton would alter the design of the Neverfull to "cut corners" is really serious. And that would be a huge deal in my opinion.

    Thanks for your gracious compliments by the way. 😃

    By the way, I m not a blind defender of the brand... I consider lots of their products tacky, hideous, overpriced, or plain ridiculous! 😜