To Register,or Not To Register! That Is The Question?

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  1. Do you guys, really register all your coach items ?
    What is really the advantage of registering?

    Your Fan,
    Cha Cha
  2. Good question! I have never done it but am wondering the same thing. Another query: if I buy from, is the bag automatically registered (I have an account)?
  3. Waste of a stamp or a waste of your on-line time.
  4. I have registered all of my bags. I figure it is what I am supposed to do to cover my butt in case something happens.
  5. i don't think there's a point...i've never even bothered.
  6. I register all of my bags - not so much with the small leather goods.
  7. I've never done it...and they still took care of my legacy leather flap issue no problem. They didn't even look me up in the computer until trying to process the transaction for shipping the new bag.
  8. I haven't, but I keep saying I will. Dunno. That's a lot of data entry in my case!
    I won't enter the pieces I think I will sell, it's nice to have the selling point on ebay that if they buy it they can authenticate by registering online.
  9. Registering a bag is pointless now, Coach doesn't require it anymore.