To Refurbish a Used handbag OR NOT???

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  1. I'm sure some of you buy used handbag. Do you refurbish a used handbag by replacing tarnish hardwares, fix the leather..etc? I bought this beautiful designer bag, but the little pearls that comes with the bag have a lot of scratches on them. The wires attached to the pearls are all darken. I order some Swarovski pearls (same color as the old pearls) & sterling silver wires & planning to replace all of the beads myself. Now, if I am to resell the bag, will it be an issue? I am replacing the older beads with better quality ones? The bag is definitely newer than before. Anyone refurbish an old bag? Thanks!
  2. You're way more creative than I am. I never would have thought to "fix it up." If you're planning to resell the bag, I suggest taking before and after pictures, so you can show potential buyers that you made an improvement.
  3. That's a great idea!!! Never thought of that...thanks! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: