To Rediscover jeans...or not?

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7 Jeans with Crystals

  1. Still cute!

  2. So 5 years ago!

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  1. So i have rediscovered 7 Jeans for All Mankind....i forgot how comfy they were!!! In the last week or so I bought 5 pairs lol, yeah I know crazy...but I have dreams of wearing them everyday lol.

    So here is my question...the jeans with the crystals on the back, WAY out or still cute?
  2. I think sevens are super cute. The crystal styles were never my thing though.
  3. thats what i was thinking...but i saw some yesterday at Steinmart that were kinda cute, they had the dark blue/blue/light blue crystals on them for only $99!!!! I almost got them...but figured they were at steinmart for a reason lol (i know, im bad haha but its true!)
  4. to be honest i've always just liked the plain look..those were a bit too blingy for me
  5. crystals anywhere bother me but that's a personal preference!
  6. I'm not a crystal butt kind of person but they look good on other people. Wear 'em if you like em!
  7. I still like SFAM with crystals! Crystalized jeans used to be so hard to find. The problem is, I end up saving my crystalized jeans for special occasions and then I never wear them. I've had jeans I've worn 3 times in as many years :sad:
  8. I used to own them but have since donated them. I think it's kinda outdated. Just my opinion.:smile:
  9. at steinmart, marshalls tj or any discount store they have designer denim such as 7FAM for $100 or under. Most of them are not rejects, but nice decent pairs.
  10. I love 7FAM, but never did go for the crystals all that much. I love the Dojos!
  11. oppsss!....i never meant "rejects"...more like last season? lol sorry dont know how to describe it, like they had a few different styles of 7's with crystals, one with HUGE riviets that I dont think i would wear.

    Trust me, i put in hours at tj's marshalls and now steinmart! Lol I've found some AMAZING deals, but have also found some obvious last season items!!! Does that make sense? Sorry if i offended anyone!! :sad:

    But thanks for the advice girlys!!! i just thought the pair with the A pocket with blue crystals were kinda cute...!!
  12. I like bling. I think crystals are still cute to go out :smile:
  13. oh oh oh what about the ones with the studs?!?! not so blingy, but still a bit of omph!!!
  14. Just because I have got a little older - I don't think I would wear the back pocket with the full pocket bling any longer - just a personal choice - I don't think they look super out-dated though.
    I have ones with small amounts of crystals that I would still wear.
  15. I love studded jeans (like the pyramid studs) but they're so pricey! Blank denim makes some good ones that are relatively inexpensive ($78, I think) but I like to try my jeans on in person. I'm thinking about studding a pair of my jeans by myself. Craft stores sell the studs.