To re-dye or not to re-dye my fav. bag?

  1. I have hot metallic blue/purple soft leather Francesco Biasia hobo and have been wearing it for less than a month and the blue color is rubbing off!! THere are silver wear spots and markings all over the bag where the beautiful blue used to be and I treat this bag like its my baby!

    I contacted and they said they could re-dye it and put a protective seal on it and that should stop it. Should I do this?? I have no idea what to do otherwise to save my bag!

    Any suggestions? Has anyone ever used this company? HELP!!!! :s
  2. Wow..I've never dyed a bag before but that doesn't seem like a bad idea. I'm sure someone heard of them and will post something. Good Luck.
  3. let us know how it turns out. id be interested to do a few of my own....
  4. I ordered a new seat for my previous car and they sent me the wrong shade of beige leather so I had it redyed. I was worried that the dye would bleed onto my clothes, but it came out fine.

    Can you post pics of the bag?
  5. Here are the pics...

  6. I'm not seeing the pics :confused1:
  7. Where did you buy it? Is it possible to take it to the store and show them what happened? Maybe they'll give you a refund or you can do an exchange.
  8. Don't know what happened with the photos but here they are as attachments!!
    bag 1.JPG bag 2.JPG
  9. That's quite a bit of wear for only using it for a month. I'm assuming that you didn't recently purchase the bag from a store or you probably would have returned or exchanged it. It's a very nice bag and I can understand why you want to salvage it.

    I guess you need to decide whether it is worth the expense to have it dyed and treated. I've heard only good things about Lovinmybags so you would probably be happy with the results.
  10. Probably your local Shoe Place can do the same thing, if you feel funny about sending it off, or you could probably do it yourself. I bet the "seal" is just polyurethane like you buy in the craft section of Wal-Mart for $1.79 or in your local craft store for $5.

    Whether you do it yourself or pay someone, you should definitely re-dye it. After all, wouldn't you want it to have you re-dyed, if the situation were reversed?