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  1. "The waiting is the hardest part" - LOL!

    On their way to me as of tomorrow...

    05 TURQUOISE DAY and AG COIN PURSE!!! :wlae::yahoo::wlae:

    Doing the happy dance all over the place and can contain my excitement no longer!!!! And you are the only people who can relate and I needed to share with someone!

    Now, can I please call upon your help in "speedy delivery" thought form ... The day is coming internationally and my family and I are going out of town Friday, so I am hoping everything gets here before then so I can play with them all weekend (and post pics for everyone here ;)).
  2. how did you get your hands on two lovely treasures at once!!!! very very lucky!

    i want everything turq 05 i'm bummed i missed out on the first on ebay because it finished at 5 am my time and i forgot to set my alarm!!!!
  3. Dumb luck and timing is the answer!

    And thanks liz! Your city/avatar is absolutely one of the things that stoked my desire for turquoise!
  4. Congrats on your win!
  5. congrats! can't wait to see the pics!
  6. Wow, congrats!!! Ag and Turq? :nuts:
  7. I am sending speedy delivery vibes your way!!!! I'm so excited for you!!
  8. Congratulations! Great choices!! :tup:
  9. OMG, I am soooo excited for you!!!!

  10. AG CP sounds adorable!! Congrats on both beauties!! Hope they come before Friday for your weekend!!
  11. congrats on both rare finds!! can't wait to see pics
  12. :popcorn:
  13. CONGRATS!!! I have a CP, too. The color of 05 Turq is just so stunning!!!
  14. yay, congrats! looking forward to your pics! woo hoo!
  15. Ah!!! I am so jealous :drool:.... I am looking everywhere for an 05 turq.