To purchase a Kelly?

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  1. I am a newbie and am trying my best at learning all about TPF. May i ask how does one go about puchasing a birkin or kelly without selling my mansion? It is my goal to have one of those ladies living at my house! Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  2. First, as those bags are pretty expensive and if you think you are going to use them, try to save money. How? By staying away from any other bags, then by knowing exactly what size, leather and colour you will be looking for, it might take time before finding the right one and it will help you save money in the meantime.
    Go to an H boutique, ask to try on the two models just to make sure you really like them on YOU.
    If you go the preloved route, autenticate the bag before buying it.
    There are ladies who will do it for you on the H subforum.
    Those bags are great but the Birkin 35 is on the heavy side....
    The Kelly is not that easy to open and close.
    Keep us posted!
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  3. It's actually quite easy to buy second hand or vintage ones that look exquisite. Many places specialise in them, depending on where you live. Collectors Square, designer vintage are just a couple I can think of hand. Both of those places sell below retail, which makes sense to me. You can also go direct to Hermes and buy new, again depending on where you live various degrees of difficulty. Before anyone buys anything- it's a good idea to investigate and research properly so that there is a familiarity of what one may be getting....
  4. Second-hand seems like the better way to go. I've had a few friends who went to Europe to buy a Birkin/Kelly and they are required to spend on many other things such as bracelets or homewares before they allow you to get one on the spot!