To Proud New Owners of the Damier Speedy....

  1. Hi
    I think I'm being seduced by the Damier Speedy. (I know, Miss Pracitcality.) Tell me what is the think you like the best about it and what you like the least....Like to be objective before I plunk down the cash. Thanks lots. (It can be either the 25 or 30. Doesn't matter.(
  2. I have the 25 and I love it!! There is nothing I don't like about this bag. It goes with just about everything I wear and I dress casual everyday. I love that it has the dark handles, so really you don't have to worry about the vachetta. You won't be sorry if you get this speedy.
  3. I am the same, starbucksqueen! I am probably going to get my damier 25 next week some time. I tried it on last weekend, put all of my things into it, carried it around the store. I really like it. The red fabric lining is one of my favorite parts.
  4. i love the red lining as well!

    At any rate starbucksqueen (gotta love those white mochas!) I think you will really enjoy the bag and like others I can't think of anything negative about it. I actually think it is more attractive than the monogram speedy believe it or not. I like the 25 more than the 30. Don't really know why, but I just do.
  5. It will last forever and look new and classy @ the same time! You will love it!
  6. I was never a fan of damier canvas and had no plans of getting the speedy but fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at the store! Since then I wore it with jeans and a tank top as well as the business suit and it looks FABULOUS!!! It goes with EVERYTHING and I am not worried about the handles at all as I do with my other bags. LOVE the red lining as well.:love:
  7. I never thought I could love a bag this much, but my Damier Speedy 30 is THE best bag I have ever travelled with. We flew to KC today to spend the week in MO with our family, and this bag was absolutely the best for carrying all the important things and being able to access them with minimal problems. It fits under the seat with no problem, and can take a beating (soda spills, my husband stepping on it, my son sitting on it, etc) and still look fabulous. It's such a relief not to worry about stained vachetta or scratched leather. It's all the wonderfulness of my mono Speedy 25, and beyond. I thank heaven (and the smart LV SA, who brought out both sizes to try on) that I bought the 30. I honestly don't know how I've ever travelled without it, and don't plan to ever do so again.

    How's THAT for a testimonial? :biggrin:
  8. i think that 25 is SO cute!!!!! i think the Damier is very classy looking!!! good luck with what you decide!
  9. I love my Damier Speedy 25! I was caught in the rain with it today, and had no worries at all! It still looks fabulous after the soaker.
  10. Love my Speedy 30.... One of the other girls mentioned that her BF called it the Tardis.... He is right... It doesn't look that large, but the amount it holds in infinite! And I don't have to worry about the handles, or too much about the bottom. I love it. I love the Damier print, even though originally it reminded me of the Home Depot logo.
  11. That posting didn't work too well... Let's try this:
  12. I love my Damier Speedy 30 to death!...I was actually holding out for this bag when I heard tt they're gonna produce it other than special orders.& yes the ladies are right...its tough as nails...Brought it out for an outing with my 18mth gerl yesterday and it pretty much lasted the whole day.& the dark handles are a godsend!
    Now I'm in love with damier range in general...
  13. You are too funny! lol (in a good way) It's very cute the way you describe it:biggrin:
  14. I never liked Damier canvas. But when I first the Speedy I thought it was very nice but I fell in love when I saw it IRL. :love: I love that I don't have to worry about the vachetta handles getting dirty. I've had her for almost two weeks and used it everyday since. I think my other bags are getting jealous. :biggrin:
  15. All these comments and more!! I love my 25! My hubby opened his mouth to say he didn't realllllyyyyy.... blank blank but I didn't let him finish!! There is no way I will part with it!