To pony or not?

  1. I am considering my first BBag purchase and have an option on a fabulous pony first at a good price. I love the look and feel of the pony bags, but I'm worried about the balding issue that some have reported (and which I've seen on some pre-loved bags for sale on eBay). I try to be kind to my bags and imagine that I will put this bag in rotation so it won't be an every day all year bag. I was hoping to get some honest feedback from a pony owner - is it worth it? Do I have to be extra careful? Should I reconsider this purchase? Also, when do you carry? Is every season appropriate - for some reason it feels more cold weather to me. Any advice appreciated!

  2. Sorry, I'm not a Pony lover, so I wouldn't go for it...If you love the Pony, I am sure others will offer their opinions!!!
  3. KMA - I own last season's LE Goat bag. It's similar to the "pony" bag that was made from calf hair. I adore it, it's unique and a fun bag. Mine is a seasonal bag, only use it in cold weather.

    My advise? Go for it. Most of the balding on these bags comes from rubbing against clothing. With the first, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Here's a picture of mine. I love this bag :love:
  4. [​IMG][/quote]

    O..M..G!!! That bag is AMAZING!!!!
  5. My first bbag was a pony first.....I have had no problems with balding. My bag is in "rotation" so I do not use it every day. I think it is a really different looking bbag, and I love it! If I had to do it all again, I would!!