To pm or not to pm.....

What should I do?

  • Keep the pm.

  • Sell the pm.

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Jul 4, 2008
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I bought a Galliera PM about a month ago and have been carrying it for a couple of weeks. At the end of the day, after work & dealing with my kids, my pm is overloaded & bulging. I carry a lot of junk to work, & my kids love to throw anything & everything in my purse.

Well I was shopping today and on impulse went to LV.... The SA let me try the Galliera GM - loading all of my stuff in it including the Thomas trains, pacifiers, and other junk rolling around in my pm. Low and behold all of it fit nicely, no bulges in sight, and the top snap closed shut. Well defying my ban I walked out with the gm. Truth be told, I had actually been lusting after the gm after seeing modeling pics here & struggling to get everything in my pm...

Now my question - what would you do with the pm. Should I keep it? Should I store it until the kids get older, & I have less junk to haul around? I know that I should have tried the GM before buying the PM, but it is too late to go back & do that now. The gm is staying, and the pm is used & not returnable. What would you do?


Nov 21, 2007
Definitely sell it to offset the cost of your new GM and it will help you feel better too for breaking your ban. ;)


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May 26, 2008
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Agreed - I'd say sell it. You won't need two galliera, even if your kids have grown up the GM is still a stunning bag in its own right. And by then perhaps there'll be other bags worth pursueing so save the $$$ for that!