to picotin or not picotin?

  1. I am looking at a picotin. One is ebene with blue jean on this inside of the handles and one is cafe. Which do you think would be the better choice? It is the smaller picotin. tia

    I like that the bj inside is a little different but am wondering if I will get tired of it. Maybe I should stick with the more simple choice?
  2. Hi! I have the PM Picotin in Ebene with caramel piping and trim under the handles. I love the extra pop of color and I bet the Blue Jean is gorgeous! I haven't gotten tired of mine at all. :flowers:
  3. Ebene w/BJ sounds like you're getting more out of your purchase:smile:
  4. ^ I second that! Go for it!
  5. OOOh the ebene with BJ sounds amazing!! I will have it if you don't want it!! Gorgeous!
  6. Ebene sounds yummy!
  7. I remember your Picotin! It was so perfect on you!!!
  8. I would go for the ebene with bj since it gives it that extra color. But I'm biased because I love bj.
  9. I love the Picotin! I particularly love the ones that have a contrasting trim and lining of handles. It makes the bag much more special, IMHO. The ebene/blue jean sounds fabulous!
  10. I love Picotin. ^^Still want it after birkins and kellys. Very cosy bag IMO. I'm with the ladies above: Ebene w/BJ - great combo.
  11. Well, I love the little picotin. It's so cute......but I would get the cafe. I love the cafe color. I think it's soooo pretty....very soft warm color. Pretty. What is your hair color and skin tone.
    Ebene is a difficult color for fair skinned blondes. Cafe is perfect. It all depends on which one flatters you. Ebene and cafe are so different,they'll probably do opposite things to u. One should put more "apples" in your cheeks. One will probably "rob" your color.
  12. here is my thought process:

    first of all, to answer Lee217, I have dark hair and fair skin. I like the ebene because I can wear it with black or brown, but I also love the cafe color. I am trying to decide on a color that I can carry when I go for dinner. I like the picotin because it is small and easy and not as formal as a kelly and not flashy like a birkin. I could see if they have other colors but I can't decide which one I would wear out. What other color would be good for evening. They didn't get the picotin in graphite or rouge h.
  13. Ebene w/ Blue Jean...most definitely! :smile:
  14. Thanks so much!!! :flowers: Miss you all and SCP!

    Favor, I looove Ebene because of it's dark chocolateness. I haven't seen a cafe Picotin..I bet that's really pretty too. I'd love to have another in Rouge H. You really can't go wrong...
  15. My vote goes for Ebene w/BJ