To perm or not to perm?

  1. What do you think? I am trying to grow my hair out, yet again, and the only way to get through the "akward" stage is to get a perm...but the last one I did a year ago I lost the curl out of the top after just a couple of weeks. That was a bummer. I just had my hair thinned (it is way too thick) so I think that may help. Just wondered what y'all thought...

    This is about how long my hair is now (that was taken over a month ago, actually. It is a bit longer now...)
  2. i got a perm about two years ago and i loved it. i got a diffuser perm, which is supposed to be gentler than regular perms and it gave me very natural, soft curls. then it started getting frizzy and nasty, and i really had no choice but to grow it out. i would say no on the perm, esp if you're planning on growing it out.
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  4. Thank you!!!

    I really love perms. My mother's hair is naturally curly and I feel like I look more like her when I have my hair permed. I have an appointment Thursday. I know it will be great, at least in the beginning! I change my hair almost as often as I change my socks (not really, but it feels like that sometimes!!) Thanks for posting!
  5. Perms damage your hair... if you want to grow it out it should stay healthy :yes:
  6. I got a perm my freshman year in college and absolutely adored it. I loved Hilarie Burton's hair (the MTV VJ who is now on One Tree Hill). It was a long spiral curl, and my hair was at my shoulders so I did it and it really came out great. I got so many compliments. My only problem was that it dried my hair out so much, I had to chop it all after I was done with the perm. My advice is NOT to get it if you want to grow your hair out. It's more for someone whose hair is already long and after they're done with the perm, they're looking to go short. You basically have to start over again afterwards because it just dries everything out so bad. I would have kept it but I wanted to dye my hair blonde more. Now I'm back to brunette but I'm content with my wavy/straight hair.
  7. Oh and I also wanted to add that the picture of your hair NOW is what my hair looked like after I grew my perm out and chopped my hair! Hahaha, it got all the damage out and felt so much better.
  8. I would not perm it.
  9. I got a perm over 3 years ago. My hair has never been the same again. I had the most shiny and healthy hair out of everyone I've ever encountered. After the perm it has been dry and damaged. If I could go back in time, needless to say, I would have never gotten my hair permed. I went to a very upscale salon too and they used the best formulas, and it still damaged my hair. So I'd say use your discretion.
  10. I definitely would not perm it. It looks fine the way it is! Maybe you could try and style it with some hair wax to get more definition. As previous posters said, perms damage your hair badly. And you don't want to have to go back and chop it off again because of it!
  11. When I was growing out my hair I used flat irons to get it nice and straight. That kept it looking nice during the akward stage and made it look longer and sleeker. I would do that instead of perming. That would just make it look shorter too.
    Good luck with the growing:smile:
  12. Too late! I did it, even against a whole thread of no's!

    I have had perm's before and never had problems with damage. Color does that for me...

    Thank you for everyone's honest opinions, I truly appreciate everyone's time!!
  13. Don't perm it.