To pedicure or not?

  1. I recently saw that I have this yellowing just on the top part of my nail that is growing.. Its not the whole toenail but I'm not sure if its fugal or just from wearing nail polish for months at a time and not taking it off..:confused1:

    I know I need to see a doctor to see what they think but I need a pedicure in the mean time.. my feet look jacked up lol

    I wasn't sure but is it okay to go and get one so that my nails can get cleaned and at least look not so :yucky:

    What do you all think?

    I was thinking probably not but??
  2. No opinions? or thoughts?

    I'm clueless if I should or not...
  3. ALWAYS bring your own tools....that is the first rule...and get to the DR ASAP b/c fungus' take forever to get rid of....
    I would think...put polish over it for the time being so no air can get to it and let it spread.....
    Good luck happens so much....:smile:
  4. I've seen yellowing due to nail polish "staining" the nail... Do you think it will grow out? If yes, then it's probably nail polish.

    If not, then get thee to a doctor - DO NOT get a pedicure before going to the doctor - he/she needs to see what the symptoms are, in their worst form. This would be like washing your ahir right before going to the hairdresser, or cleaning the house before the maid came. Trust me, doctors have seen much grosser stuff than a yellowing toenail LOL
  5. If you have any type of fungus on the nail the worst thing is to get a pedicure and spread it to other nails or your feet. Also with a fungus on the nail the nail needs to breath. Putting polish over it is not good. Any good nail salon is supposed to refuse to do pedicures on people with nail fungus. Would you want to go to a place that does this and you can catch it???? My SIL has toenail fungus on her large toe, just on top. Had it for months. She refuses to take antiobotics. Sadly her nail salon gives her pedicures with the fungus and that is probably the place she caught it from.
    This is why I rather do my own pedicures at home.
  6. If you know it's not stained yellow due to the polish, then dr. will give you something.

    A cheap home remedy I've read about numerous times, is to cover your toenail(s) in Vick's brand vaporub and then put on socks. Apparently after time, it cures it w/out dr. visits and prescriptions.
  7. Okay no pedicure for me!!! Thanks everyone.. I think I might try the vick's rub..
  8. If it is fungus, you should probably see the doctor right away because, as someone else mentioned, it does take a long time to get rid of. Left untreated fungus can destroy your nails and even spread to other parts of the body. Not fun.
  9. ^ OMG my mom does that too! I always just thought she was crazy :lol:
    It really does work though, better than the rx the dr gave her!
  10. I agree with everyone. If you think it might be fungus go to see the doctor inmediatly. I do think it might be because you dont let your nails breathe. If you polish them non stop they get this yelowish color. you need to stop painting your toes for a while.

  11. Ewwwww. sorry I had to say that is so nasty. Always make sure they use clean tools. the ones they are in a sealed plastic bag.
  12. She's quite right in that. Antibiotics don't clear up fungal infections ... they actually cause fungal infections because they kill off natural gut flora, allowing fungal microflora to take over the gut and invade other parts of the body. She'd be better advised to try antifungal meds like nystatin, nizoral, diflucan etc.
  13. What I meant to say is she got the medication for the fungus but said it upset her stomach so she refused to take it. I believe she was supposed to be on it for 3 months. I think she has had her toenail fungus for a year now with no signs of it growing out of getting better. She keeps saying it is growing out but does not seem to realize it can't grow off as the nail gets longer but it is a fungus.
  14. Tea Tree Oil works wonders, just give it about 2 weeks to work:tup: