To patina or not to patina

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If given the choice...

  1. Purchase new bag

  2. Purchase bag with patina because it's cheaper

  3. Hold out for a new bag in your price range

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. If given the choice of purchasing a bag that had already patinaed (made up word lol) or was new, what would you choose? Obv. the gently used bag would be cheaper.
  2. I'm personally not a fan of really light vachetta, so I'd vote for patina on a bag, as long as it's even and not too dark.
  3. I kind of like knowing how a bag got its patina, not sure why. I think I'd probably hold out for the bag I thought was more ideal, and in my price range (recently did this myself with a whiskey Legacy Leigh). If your ideal is patina, and there are no flaws on the bag, I'd say go for the patina... and if it happens to be cheaper, awesome. But if you don't like patina or it's not your ideal, I'd say save the money and wait for a better deal. :okay:
  4. I think alot of patina makes the leather look I could do light patina but nothing more.
  5. I vote for new, I want to see it patina myself, unless it's an item that is impossible to find new.
  6. If it's a bag that I have been wanting for a long time and its a good deal then the heck with a little patina! I'm getting it!
  7. i hate vachetta leather!
    that's why i sold off my leah tote..
    i mean, ii's not like i despise it, but i'd rather not deal with it..
    for i know that i will end up worrying too much of it getting dirty/ turn patina/ get wet.. kwim?