To Passerby and others who like cats...

  1. to passerby:

    i love youuuu i can't say much ellllllse

    oh yeah and PURPLE is my fave color.


    with the card!


    Shiny Bobbles:


    pritty kitty!

    HAHAHAAAAAAAA booey modeled for all of YOUR pleasures! and cuz i can't take a pic of myself till gayman gets home!
    barrette.JPG barrette2.JPG barrette3.JPG thrilled.JPG chute.JPG
  2. yeahhhhhhh and observe my sexy handbag in the background. can you tell what it is?
  3. Adorable!
  4. he didn't seem to mind lol
  5. it looks great on BOOEY. are you sure it's not for booey????

    Hey it's not cool to steal the cat's presents!

  6. It's like she's wearing a tiny little tiara. How beautiful!

  7. haha to my cat cuz he's a boy LOL
  8. LOLOL! Yes, Jes - I meant to send it to Booey!! :smile: Which feline fashionista has declared that guy cats can't wear barrettes?
  9. LOL certainly not me cuz he looked DIVINE LOL!

    thanks again hun imma wear it to work today!!!!!!

  10. That cat looks mighty pissed, haha! :roflmfao:
  11. he was acctually purring, although you can tell point blank he wasn't appreciating the accessorizing his mother thought was hilarious LOL. he KNEW i was laughing at him. i was sad someone i wanted to talk to didn't call me soooo he was making me happy. good kitty LOL
  12. ^ AWww he's a sweet and good kitty...

    he looks good with his crown though =)

    sorry to hear the person didn't call.... i met a cute guy recently and he didn't call either. maybe i scared him. LOL :shrugs:
  13. let's just leave it at men suck LOL. my cat is the man in my life. my cat and my gayman. any other men just do the whole heart stomping thing ;)
  14. awwww, Passerby does it again! What a sweetie! and your cat is awfully cute with her barette!!!
  15. So cute! Booey looks like such a sweetie.