To part or not to part

  1. I bought a dark brown (or is it chocolate?) Large YSL Muse while in Paris over the summer and though I find it very pretty, it also gets a bit heavy. I've carried it maybe 5-6 times all together. I bought a Balenciaga city in Cinnamon (lighter in color than the Muse but quite similar) a couple of months ago and find myself choosing this over the Muse most of the time. I'm thinking of selling my Muse as it seems to be sitting in my closet for the most part, but it is so pretty that I hate to sell it and regret it. Any thoughts?:confused1:
  2. Can you think of any situations or outfits for which you think the Muse would be better suited than the Balenciaga? If you can't come up with any scenario in which you would grab the Muse over the Balenciaga, then you might be doing both yourself and a potential buyer a favor in passing it on. I think the Muse can look a little more refined than a city bag, though, and don't see them as completely interchangeable. Plus, I'd just find it hard to part with a chocolate Muse of any size.

    But you have to make the decision that sits well with you. Let us know what you decide to do.
  3. I say keep it.
    I have been a Bal girl for awhile now, and they are chic, lightweight and a great everday bag. But I just got my Muse, and it fills that dressier niche with it's structured shape. You're right, it is heavier, but I am just thrilled with it. I think it is a great combination to own both. As far as having similar colors, maybe you want to consider changing one, Balenciaga has so many beautiful colors that you might find a way to own both bags and not feel like you're duplicating.
  4. Thanks shazam and alisonanna:smile: I know what you mean - the Muse is definitely dressier than the City. I don't think I can part with my City though - I may just get another in a different color (ha ha). Someone actually offered to buy the bag from me today and I couldn't commit... I guess I'll be holding on to it for a while!
  5. I would keep the Muse. I get compliments on it when I carry it. I do have the Balenciaga city. I love it as well but its so intricate with the tassles that I find it a bit on the casual side. I would get the city in a different color or use the one you have everyday and use the Muse for a dressier look. :smile:
  6. I'm glad you're going to keep it for a while! I agree that maybe getting the city bag in a different color would help them feel more like two different bags to you. Of course, if you really just love chocolate then there's nothing wrong with keeping both bags in that color!
  7. You are so right, krisloveschanel! The City is a great everyday bag but the tassles do get in the way sometimes. And I suppose there are some outfits/occasions that just call for a Muse:smile: Keeping both brown bags though and maybe looking for a new Balenciaga in a different color once my bank account has recovered (just won an auction for a Chanel Cabas - yay!)