To paraphase Bowie..Blue Jean I just bought a

  1. Kelly in Blue Jean!

    Here's the story!

    I ordered my first Kelly 3 years ago with the idea that I would carry it when I became pregnant ala Grace Kelly....I knew it would take a couple years to get it. (Rouge H, PH 28cm rigide chevre):supacool:

    Got pregnant two years later, waited for my Kelly....:s

    Refused other Kellys waiting for MY Kelly :noggin:

    Got a call from Hermes last year ( year 3) right before the baby was born..order completed...YAY! :yes: Baby born in February...waited for call that the Kelly arrived....never took up more of a priority...didn't follow-up with Hermes.

    Fast foward 9 months. Called Hermes...asked "WHAT HAPPENED?" :confused1: No answer. They couldn't find it. Said they would work on it...still haven't heard anything ( 4 months later).

    Called every H store in the country this week. First choice Rouge H, Second choice Etope or Blue Jean.

    Called Charlotte. They had not just one but multiple BJ Kellys.:yahoo: All retournes ...ok, I thought...Retourne fits my lifestyle more these days than Sellier) 28 or 32? You ladies settled it for me...32.

    But how do you get a Kelly from Charlotte to NJ? They can't ship it to me without MC or AMEX ( I have Visa). They can't ship it to KoP...( concession store)...My husband was ready to fly down to Charlotte to get it ( nice guy!)

    Talked again to Charlotte today. They can ship it to DC! YAY! :wlae: It will be there on Wednesday. We will drive down on Saturday to get it!( and have tea at the Ritz whiloe there )

    I have to give a proper shoutout to NC and DC for helping this happen!:jammin:

    (Oh and if anyone else wants a BJ Kelly, PM me...I have leads on three others)
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Blue Jean Kelly 32 !!!
  3. WOW!!! what a great story!! Congrats and can't wait to see her!! What a sweet DH to go through all that trouble for you!! Glad it worked out in the end!!!:party:
  4. Thanks for sharing your story, Quinn's Mom!

    :party: :party: :party:

  5. Congrats!!!!!
  6. Congratulations
    What a rollercoaster ride of a story! And what a sweet hubby you have there. :drinkup:
    Enjoy your Kelly !
  7. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. Hooray !! I'm so happy for you, great story. Be sure and take a photo, like Grace Kelly !
  9. Thanks ladies!

    Why does a week have to be 7 days long?
  10. WoW Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! :love: Love the Grace Kelly Mommy vibe you'll have going on!!!!!!Blue Jean is my favorite too!
  11. What a story!! Congrats on finally getting your kelly!
  12. congrats! persistence pays off! and how sweet of your husband to offer to fly down here to get it!

    i'm glad my local H is helping ya'll get your bags! :biggrin:

    i saw a clemence BJ kelly in 35 last week, very pretty. too big for me though :smile:
  13. Wow you have such patience!! Congratulations, blue jean is such a gorgeous color!!! Post piccies later :biggrin: And I'm with Pigleto, I'm glad our local Hermes is helping you out! :biggrin:
  14. Wow - what a story. I wonder if that's a record. Patience...
  15. What a great story! And tea at the Ritz to boot! Sounds like a great day!