to paddy or not to paddy

  1. I'm planning on getting my first chloe that will last. I had one last year that i sold because i found it too heavy. I've had seller's remorse for the longest time and i'm think of taking the plunge again. Should i? Is it true that the '06 paddies are not as heavy? Is it too late to get the paddy? Like maybe it isn't hot anymore? TIA.
  2. I think you should buy a bag because you love it, not whether it is hot or not.
  3. Yeah, I mean I think we're too much preoccupied whether it's hot or not. It's all matter of your own liking and your own style. If you like the bag, if it goes well with your clothes and you enjoy it, go and get it!
  4. You probably won't be satisfied until you get the paddy, since you have buyers remorse.
  5. paddy..!! :angel: ...I'm all the time eyeing other bags/brands but nothing beats the paddingtons, at least that's how it is for me :biggrin:
  6. Definetely to paddy!:yes: I had sellers remorse too when I sold mine. So I bought my dream color paddy and now Im soooooo happy:nuts: ......... as for weight, the 05 and 06 weigh the same, I've had both.;)
  7. ^^Absolutely to paddy!!!
  8. Okay, so which color do i get? any suggestions? i'm quite unfamiliar with the colors but definitely not black or ivory.
    Oh.. i'm so excited!!
  9. I think that depends a lot on your wardrobe.

    I loved the tan color but it refused to go with a thing I already own! :wtf:

    Chocolate is an amazing color that goes with a ton of stuff, but it's very dark and doesn't "pop" the way something like whiskey does.

    Whiskey is great versitile color, IMHO.

    The fun is in choosing the colors :nuts:
    The joy is in wearing them! :heart:
  10. Paddy! Paddy! Paddy! It is forever hot and gorgeous! Go Go Go!
  11. Whiskey, Red or Taupe. The whiskey and taupe are neutral but not too light to worry about getting dirty. The red gives your wardrobe a pop! Good luck!
  12. Get it! I just got my first one and in no way do I think it is "out of style" or not hot anymore. I love it, although it is heavy, but I got the satchel and that is one of the bigger ones. if you can afford it, go for it.
  13. Definitely PADDY!!! Get it girl! It's a fab bag and definitely not going out of style.:yes: I don't even see that many when I go out and they are coming out with so many new styles & colors.:nuts: I'm DYING to see the new color Canelle!! In a previous post about new colors to come, Audrey posted pictures of Cinnamon sticks to display Canelle and it looked SO yummy!!:love:
    I think the high price of these bags keeps them pretty exclusive. And one is not enough! Always searching to add JUST one more! hehe:flowers: What color did you have last year btw? Maybe you can get a color like Chocolate or Whiskey since you mentioned wanting it to last you a long time. I think those colors seem to be almost staple colors that most people have and go with everything!:graucho: