To Only Pick 3..

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  1. Hello everyone! I have been unfortunately absent from tPF recently, mostly due to some work things. As life would have it, I am actually leaving for New York tomorrow and I will be staying there through August! Definitely very excited, very nervous but packing has been nothing short of a nightmare. The office has recently changed its dress code to "smart casual" with dress codes on client sites varying. I would love to bring some silks with me for either business professional client sites, going out, etc. however I think it would be rather silly to bring them all! Of all available to me currently (I took 5 in to my local boutique to be sent out to be cleaned) they are:


    Les Voitures à Transformation in Burgundy/White
    Les Toits de Paris in Burgundy
    Les Rubans du Cheval in Navy/White
    Della Cavalleria in Navy/Bronze
    Cheval Surprise Remix in Rose (and other various colors lol)
    Cheval Mirage in Burgundy/White (the only 70 the rest are 90)
    Mors et Filets in Red/Navy
    Mors et Gourmettes Remix in Coral/Gold/Gray
    Le Songe De La Licorne in White/Light Pink
    Les Cles in Light Pink/Gray/White
    Bolduc in Orange/Brown

    Like I said, I would like to limit myself to 3 AT MOST to leave room for other purchases. All my outfits are very conservative: blacks and navys. My designated "going out" dress is navy with lace that I'd love to do with coral accents. I can also open these if that would help!! Thank you everyone in advance so so much, honestly couldn't make this decision by myself!

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  2. Well, If I have to choose only 3 scarves, I will take scarves that will match as much black as navy outfits.

    I love your Della Cavalleria in Navy/Bronze that will be perfect with navy outfits.
    Les Cles and Mors et Gourmettes Remix are more neutral CW so they would be great with professional and "goiing out" outfits.

    Please let us know your final choice!
  3. I agree with the above!!!

    della cavalleria
    mors et gourmettes in coral
    and les cles!!!

    good luck!!
  4. I agree with the Della Cavalleria and the Mors Remix.

    I was originally going to say pick a navy, a burgundy and a pink for maximum color choices, but the third really should just be what the other two are not - in this case probably the pale Licorne is the most different.
  5. Les Toits de Paris in Burgundy

    Lots going on in this design so you can fold it in lots of different ways to high lite various details.

    Les Cles in Light Pink/Grey/White

    A great classic in lovely classic colours, always appropriate and will work day and night.

    Then pick another scarf at random and just make it work. Or just go with the first two to give yourself more space.

    Have a great trip!