to ombre or not to ombre?

  1. [​IMG]what do you think?
    basically the bags i have are
    one black and white coach hamptons wristlet that ive used a couple of times
    a burberry check bag that i havent used at all lol
    another jacquard burberry sling that i use when i need a bag
    a simple fossil messenger that i use
    dkny thin rectangular evening bag
    and then a little coach zip up, which i hope to add another too, i love to look at bags, but buying expensive bags- well i dont have the expensive mentality just yet, i have my whole life to be, though i plan on adding a mulberry side pack as soon as i can find a vendor in nj!

    so i was thinking if i sell the wristlet and the first burberry should i buy the ombre? do you think its only for this season or-w ell ill stop there and just ask your opinion on this little ray of sunshine: [​IMG]
  2. To me, the ombre, as beautiful as I think it is, screams "at the outlet in 2 months or less". JMHO, of course.
  3. Exactly! :yes:
  4. lol this is good, ive been trying to convince myself that its not worth it, i just like the fabric choice i guess, but im not a wristlet person, as seen by my lack of use for the hampton..
  5. i totally agree.
  6. Yes, it is a very "for this one season"-ish. It is so pretty though, I hope it hits the outlets soon :heart:3
  7. I agree with everyone..I think it will just last this season & will be in the outlets probably by fall or winter.
  8. Personally I love the Ombre - but I think it is way overpriced and will probably end up at the outlets in a couple months
  9. I have mixed feelings about it. I started my own thread about trying to decide whether or not to get the ombre bag. I think the bag is really beautiful and it has struck me more than any Coach bag I have seen lately. However, I agree with others on the fact that I think the price is a bit much for this bag. So I can only say think long and hard about it. I'm not familiar enough with how Coach operates to know whether it will be in an outlet soon. But I know personally I'm not one who has enough patience to wait and see if it will go to the outlet. If you really love it, then go for it. I may take the plunge myself!
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