To OC (the show) Fans- POSSIBLE *SPOILER*

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  1. For those of you who are avid fans of the Thursday night hit series, OC, you know they say that there is a death around the corner. Rumors have been flying that it may be Mischa Barton aka Marissa. What do you all think?? If she leaves, the show can't go on IMO :sad:
  2. I read that she is leaving the show after this season, but shw will be back for guest shots next season. The only reason I watch is because of her. Misha is such a great clothes "hanger". Everything looks good on her, she always looks great, and I love her style! The show won't be remotely the same:sad:
  3. i :heart: watching the OC.... yeah i heard that she was going to leave too... oh well i guess somethings just have to end...
  4. Good! I never liked her to begin with. Although, Summer and her always seemed a good couple together. Maybe Taylor will take over that void.
  5. don't wanna let you OC fans down..but she's not going to die..hehe..the one who's going to die is a guy.. :biggrin:
  6. How do you know?!?!

    I do want any o fthe fab 4 to die!!!!!!!!!!!! :sad:
  7. Hmmm, Maybe not one of the four, but the dweeb Misha's character is seeing?

    Is it on tonite?? Cause I can't find it in my listings.
  8. i don't want marissa to die!:sad:
    and i don't want nobody of the 4 to die....
    imo the most emblematic character is Seth Cohen!:love: him!
  9. well i don't want any of the fab 4 to die either but lately marissa seems worse than the i don't know what is going to happen to seth (so cute) considering it was accidental but he could be booked for summer she's great and ryan gorgeous though teresa not so much...talor hilarious and i hope the one person that does die is volchek, oh and i heard that marissa's lil sis is coming back to become the next cooper to rule harbor high and taylor to join the group making it the fab 5 not 4..
  10. are you guys sure that someone's going to die? :|

    i love seth cohen sooo much. :love: :love: he's probably the main reason i keep following the o.c. i wonder if there is going to be a next season though. it would be hard to get the story going with seth and summer in the east, and marissa and ryan in berkeley. right? hmmms..
  11.'s not one of the 4 who's going to die..hehe :P..keep on guessing guys!
  12. it better not be sandy!!!!
  13. I hope it's Volchek. I thought he was gonna change when they did the shot of the sound of music sittin on his coffee table, but, nope, he stole the 5k and then the car...he's the only charater I really want gone...if they get rid of Adam's character I don't think I would watch anymore, it'd be too depressing lol!