To Neverfull GM or Never to Neverfull GM?

  1. I'm just about to hit the purchase my cart at Elux for the Neverfull GM and cannot deside...and I need help...should I buy or should I not buy?

    Hubby and I have been discussing..and he says its up to me.....we have had a few drinks....and the amerito in me says YES..but the diet coke in me please give me your opinons please...should I or shouldn't I purchase...

    do you you like..or should I wait..until tomorrow when I'm not as inedriated???
  2. wait
    and think about it
  3. i have the GM in murakami and it's a totally useful bag :yes:
  4. The GM is just a great bag. I love mine, but it is indeed HUGE! But when I go shopping it can hold everything - water, book, my coat! I don't use it everyday, but when I need my life with me it's my go to bag.
  5. I so want to hit the buy button..but the other side of me says...if you are going to spend 655.00...wait and maybe the mahattan you've alway's wanted is there..on eBay...

    oh..the quandry!:sad:
  6. I hate it when the DH and I have makes me want to buy....and then I'm in a dilemma..!
  7. I would hold off - You may fall in love with something else!

    Unless this is on his credit card, Shop away! LOL!
  8. If you are going to buy it, do it before the price increase - Yikes!
  9. Get the Manhattan instead! I'm against the Neverfull! :p
  10. If you're going to buy it do it through for a little cash back- does that help rationalize it? :graucho:

    If not, I think the Batignolles is a worthy alternative.
  11. It depends on your collection. Is the Neverfull GM your first shoulder bag? Your first tote bag? If so, get it, if not, don't.
  12. I like the Neverfull as I think its a useful shoulder bag and the GM will fit everything.
    If you can not decide, I'd say wait.
    If you still considering getting the Neverfull even after few days you can always get it then.
  13. id say it's a good travel bag. but if you are having second thoughts, delay buying it.
  14. I have the's a huge bag yet very useful, especially if you have kids. It can hold diapers, water, everything! It's too big for an everyday bag. Buy it if you need a bag that you can stuff alot of things in.
  15. What did you decide?