To my surprise............

  1. I know everyone have seen the dentelle range and it is done to death on this forum but I would still like to share with my fellow tPF members my new surprise purchase. This is my seventh day in my 12 day week so it was supposed to be my mid week pick me up for some retail therapy and check out the new MC styles. :hysteric:

    I stepped into the store glancing around trying to see the new styles and out of the coner of my eye see gold! And I looked it was the kirsten!!!!!! :happydance: I couldn't believe it! I ran up to the bag and yelled for my hubby to look at the bag like a little girl in the candy store I tugged on his sleeve with the look "can you get it for me" :tender: I couldn't believe it was still available after all these weeks they had the last ferson too in gold. I saw the ferson three weeks ago and it was way too big for me it was beautiful but it was too delicate as a causal bag and too big for evening bag, more of a party bag. As I was talking to the SA he said it was just released today 40 minutes ago to be exact a lady had it on hold but decided against it they were about to ship it to perth for a client sorry dear from the bottom of my heart I grabed your bag! When I tried to get onto the waitlist for the kirsten they SA said highly unlikely there was already 10 names for two bags so I decided to put my name on the ferson instead without thinking about kirsten again, just droolling over fellow tPF members pictures, as the sales assistant said the bag was meant to be!

    I was so torn, I had the money saved up for the bowly. Now I have to stop eating, walk to work and no going out to save up.

    Going on a band for three months after the bowly...

    PS: AAAA+++ service from steve today also!
  2. OMG!! Congrats@@ I so wanna see that bag IRL!!!! You lucky girl!!!!
  3. DARLING! I love it :woohoo: :woohoo: I got the Persen yesterday a great line. ENJOY IT!! SO pretty IRL!!!
  4. Congrats .. it was FATE:yahoo: Stunning:heart:
  5. That bag was meant to be yours! So glad you got it! So wear comfortable shoes for a while & enjoy walking!
  6. Beautiful! I never get enough of the shiny dentelle. ^_^ I'd take bags over food any day ;)
  7. Congrats its a beauty!!!
  8. That bag looks so feminine and delicate! Congrats!
  9. congrats, georgeous!
  10. Lucky!! Its so beautiful!! congrats!
  11. lol LOVE how you have the strap over the little idog
  12. Congrats!!Its beautiful
  13. Congrats, you're so lucky ... definitely was meant to be! That bag is so beautiful, I never tire of looking at pics;)
  14. Steven is really lovely. I saw the Fersen there as well today. Haha, I think this was the silver I turned down a couple of weeks ago when it first came in. I have the gold. Congrats!
  15. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you found one.