To My Suprise

  1. Today when I was in NM, my Sa turned to me as she was ringing up my rock and chain and says "Do you believe this price increase? I would love to know what Chanel is doing!!"
    I had no idea what to say as she rang up a $2500 bag that I had no problem dishing the cash out for( I need mental help-6 bags in 2 months). But the question remains, does anyone thing SA's are worried about their sales? I tend to buy other bags than the classics-so I haven't felt the increase yet. But her saying that made me wonder -could she possibly be worried about sales?OR was I being guilted in buying more-that denim cabas almost came home too-but I had to stop myself.
  2. Maybe she is just wondering like the rest of us what is going on? It is pretty ridiculous!
  3. ^that's what I think.
    She's probably speaking as a customer more than an SA.
  4. swanky, ur new avatar is rockin!
  5. I think she does...with the hike..I guess she is feeling the sales is slowing down..thus affecting her commission.
    wow 6 bags in 2 mths...that's a lot...
    Like my DH said to me...slow down..enjoy what u bght first...b4 u set out for yr next target...hmm i guess he is right..
  6. What a wise DH!!! :yes:
  7. She is probably wondering like all of us what is going on and I am sure she is probably concerned about sales too.
  8. lol such a good question "what (the he*l is) Chanel doing??" :confused1::confused1:

    :shrugs::shrugs: *sigh*
  9. She's probably just curious just like the rest of us.
  10. ^^ I think she is just curious too