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  1. Hello all! I'm looking to bring my old guy out of retirement, he'll be 19 this year but is still in great shape, just needs some conditioning here and there. We just to be hunter/jumpers on the A and AA circuits, showing up to the large juniors, but we haven't showed in almost a year now.

    I'm very lucky to have a friend that fox hunts with a local hunt club and has invited me to join! I currently have a CWD that I'd like to sell and replace with an off the rack saddle option. I need a medium/deep set and I'm hoping to stay under $1800 for it. Any suggestions? Thank you!!
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    You mean people still chase down a poor innocent fox for sport these days? :censor::mad::rant::cursing:

  3. Seriously. Thank God it's illegal here in the UK. I trot around feeding my foxes every day and thank my lucky stars the only danger they face is from traffic, which is bad enough...
  4. I don't know where the OP is located, but all the hunt clubs here in New England only do drag hunts. A drag is an artificial lure that is typically soaked in a liquid and dragged along the ground in a fashion similar to the scent that would be left behind by a fox, coyote or other quarry.

    OP- as far as saddle options, I'd look for something pre-owned - at least to get you started.
  5. Yes yes my apologies! The hunts are all drag hunts, no animals harmed! I really want to go because the courses are easy and it's a good way to get my guy out of retirement without too much strain.
  6. i do hunter shows with my horse and hunted her a few times (gave that up, she was too excited, it was too nerve wracking, i just prefer trail rides lol). i'd get an independent saddle fitter out, best way to get the right fit. what kind of horse do you have?

    i wouldn't be too sure of it not being straining to horses, sometime there's rough terrain, like trotting/canter on gravel/pavement, mud, etc.

    hunts in my area are drag or for flushing coyotes, no animals harmed :smile:.
  7. He's a Hanoverian, big boy with big withers. Turns 19 this year so he's got a little bit of an old timer's back but not too bad. Attached a picture of him about two or so years ago, he's a little rounder (fatter really) but looks about the same, definitely needs some work in his hind end and a little more top line now.

    The hunt club I would be with is very structured with three different levels, the one I'd be doing is just the lowest level, basically a glorified group trail ride where everyone looks fancy; not a lot of mud or steep hills and I don't think they go faster than a trot.

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  8. you're doing hilltoppers so yeah you'll be pretty easy going. the english brands of saddles are good for high wither (county [i have this brand], black country, etc). also hermes although not english is good for high withers, especially the older ones. the wool interior makes the saddle pretty customizable compared to the foam of cwd. the wool also helps if he's getting back in shape, as it can be changed as the horse develops more muscle and topline. an independent saddle fitter will be your best bet or i'd at least look into those brands. good luck!
  9. Thank you so much for your help! I had none of these brands on my list but they will definitely be going to the top to look out for, and I'll definitely be looking for wool-flocked only!