To My Horror, A counterfeit purse mall kiosk store!!!!!!!!!

  1. I went to my local shopping mall last night and there is a new kiosk there, selling counterfeit COACH, Dior, Chanel and LV! They even have a sign stating that the bags are designer inspired or replicas, NO they are not, they are outright FAKES! Specifically using brand trademarks. I have now been in contact with the local police, news media, and all 4 manufacturers. Does anyone have any other advice to get help me get them shut down before the Christmas rush? I am also contacting the mall directly also.

  2. Take pictures so we can laugh!
  3. We have the same thing at our mall. Very fake, very "design" inspired. Makes me sick... especially the GG bags. Yikes! Surely, no one would be stupid enough to think they were buying the real thing!:wtf:
  4. That's rediculous. I can't believe the mall would actually allow the owners of that kiosk to stay in business. There's a local flea market where I live that, of course, sells the fakes. The flea market was shut down twice in one summer and if the cops would have caught them once more, the 50 year old flea market would have been gone forever.

    Definitely contact the mall directly and the police!
  5. Theres a kiosk just like that at my mall, I never thought to contact the police. The labels are tweaked enough that I don't think it would be considered copyright infringement on most of the bags. The man never has any business despite being in a really popular place in the mall.
  6. Good for you to contact the police. I have been flagging these fake bags on my local Craigslist all the time. Can't believe the mall would actually allow sellers to put up fake purses. Purse lovers should unite and help put a stop to this!
  7. Go take pictures. When they ask you what you are doing, smile sweetly and say, "collecting evidence."
  8. thats awful! Its sick and shouldnt be allowed, I hope no one provides them with business
  9. I talked to the mall manager and they are removing the vendor, but before they do that, the local police are going to try to prosecute them criminally and seize all the contraband. They are also going to try and close down their stores in other cities and do what they can to go after the people who are supplying them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Designer inspired are ugly, but to each their own, as long as they are not stealing logos and brand names. The police confirmed what I told them and verified that they are counterfeit, not "designer inspired"!! Doing the SNOOPY DANCE!!!!! I am so happy!!! Don't be afraid to report stores or kiosks that are selling trademark infringing counterfeit goods!! You can do it anonymously! I was told, at the VERY LEAST, the kiosk will be closed for sure!!!!!!
  10. ^^LOL!

    Beanphd, Good on you!:woohoo: Let us know what happens!
  11. P.S. Don't say anything to the store to give them a head's up, just report it to the police. If they can bust them properly, they will seize the illegal goods and we don't want the criminals to run with the goods and sell them somewhere else. Don't take pictures and say "collecting evidence", it just might scare them away, and I would rather see them busted!
  12. Beanphd - Great job!!!:yahoo:

  13. Okay, you're right, I won't say it, but it's still funny.:p
  14. Take those b*tches down!

    We have a fake kiosk in our mall too, it's awful.
  15. I am so glad to hear that they will be shut down, fakes are really awful.