To my friends with the new oversized tote "beauty"

  1. First off I am GREEN with jealousy that you have the tote and I don't. I cleary think it is a beauty!! In fact, I may need to start boycotting the forum until I get mine!!:greengrin: (sort of joking).

    I am on the list at Chanel in SHM for the vinyl and black leather in the smaller size but seeing that I am paranoid about somehow not getting it, please let me know if you see one out there...Also, if any one who got there hands on one is considering returning it because it is not for you, please let me know and have them hold it for me!!
    Swanky, this is truly not a ploy for someone to sell to me directly! I am a rule follower!:winkiss:
  2. Did you call them today or yesterday? They did just get a big shipment and Irina is on vacation. Her assistant called me but about the wrong bag. I would try to call and check. Good luck!!
  3. Are you on the list just to be called when it comes in or did you actually reserve a bag with a credit card? I was on the list for a vinyl bag, but there was a snafu and all three bags that arrived at the store went to other people. I just dropped in at the store a couple times and called to check in with my SA so she knew I REALLY wanted the bag and she located one for me and called me right away.

    Try calling the Las Vegas Chanel boutique or have your SA check there for you. I was told they received 30 of the vinyl bags, and I'd assume they will get a large number of the leather ones as well.
  4. ^^I did reserve with my credit card but I am going to call my SA tomorrow (he isn't in today) and ask him to hunt one down for me now. I have the feeling that the Chanel at SHM is not getting many and I am afraid that the same thing will happen to me as happened to you...I am so glad you found yours! Have you posted pix modeling? i loved the leather and can't wait to see someone modeling the vinyl!
  5. Just spoke to Jenny at SH Irina's assistant she said she had gotten in some hot bags but not the vinyl tote. I have been on the list for that bag for months I am dying for it to come in. I hope they have enough to go around. I will call her every few days for updates but she said she would call when it comes in. As soon as I get any info I will post it.
  6. I'd call and get put on teh list at a few stores . . . you never know!

    At my NM today, my SA took one out to show it to me. She only got 6 but had about 20 people waiting on them. She said they'll get more soon, but obviously she'll keep offereing them to the list. . .
    It only takes a few people to chose not to buy it!
  7. Macp6...Sending you positive vibes! I used my leather oversized tote this weekend and now love her even more!
  8. Oh SoCal, I bet you were the bomb!! Thanks for positive vibes!! I hope that I hear on mine soon. If Paul doesn't come through for me he is in soooooo much trouble!:heart:
  9. I have to say...I was shopping while carrying my new COCO...I have never had so much SA attention regarding the bag on my shoulder!
  10. I could imagine... it really is beautiful!!
  11. SoCal, are you getting another one? What other colors does the oversized leather tote come in?

    macp6, when I go get mine on Saturday, I'll check to see if they're getting any extras in. If so, I'll ask my SA to let me know. Good luck on your search. I think I might try and get my name down for a leather one :angel:.
  12. ^^thanks Molls!
  13. My vinyl tote is being shipped from Vegas Chanel tomorrow so I should be getting it on Wednesday. That's three sleepless nights thinking about what outfits to wear with it, where I will take it, etc. My SA was so cute, she left me a message about the bag being shipped and she was like, "I'm SOOO excited to see you with the bag!!!"

    I will tell her to let me know if there are any other available leather or vinyl totes.
  14. I'm getting my leather bag shipped from Vegas too! I am getting mine today. Can't wait!:yahoo:
  15. Last night I had a dream/nightmare that I went to pick up my bag at Chanel and what arrived was one of those Fendi Palazzo bags. Hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes.