To My Fellow Speedy Mirage Owners.....!!!!

  1. Ok, it's now the middle of October, and it is time for me to put my Azur Noe away for awhile....I do live in a warm climate, and I can use it, but I want to carry a darker bag.
    I have already carried my Mirage Noir, but only out to dinner. I am hesitant to use it as a daily-use bag. Do any of you carry your Mirage Speedy on a daily basis? How is it holding up in your climate? It rained for the first time here in a long while.....I'm wondering if I should use this fabulous bag alot more, or to save it for better occasions.
    I'm on the verge of buying a general purpose Damier Speedy 30 for the fall. The idea of my Mirage inside a grocery store shopping cart doesn't sit too well with me !!!!
    Your experiences, please, ladies!!!
  2. I haven't used mine yet either. I'm saving it for when it gets a little colder here in Vegas. I know what you mean......I'm not sure I'll take it everywhere.
  3. travelbliss, you've given me something to look out for: a Mirage in a grocery shopping cart!
  4. I use mine everyday and it still looks great! I DO put in my grocery carts and it does just fine! LOL But I am not one to baby my bags. The quality is great and they hold up well!
  5. I used my bordeaux Mirage Speedy in the grocery store! I didn't put it in the cart, though, just on the crook of my arm. When I first bought it, I used it for at least two weeks straight with no problems. I decided to give my other bags a chance, but it's time to use my Mirage Speedy again. In my experience, it definitely held up quite well to daily use!
  6. I haven't used mine yet. I'm still using an old LV that was bought back in Jan 2004 that I just started using beginning September 2007.
  7. Mine has ridden in several grocery carts. She loves riding in them 'cause she sits right up there where everyone can see her. She comes with me everywhere!
  8. Good to know that they're holding up well!!! I guess I'll be taking mine everywhere, too!
  9. Use it and enjoy it!!!
  10. I must confess, I haven't used mine yet either. It looks like it would hold up really well, but I don't go out all that often and I hate to have to put it in the filing cabinet at work. :s (I'm worried about scratches to the handles).
  11. Mine has been in the shopping cart a few times! I wear it as a daily bag! Wear it!!
  12. If I had the mirage. I would use it ALL the time. I don't baby my bags if they are not delicate like Vernis or Olympus line.
  13. I finally put mine away after using it for a month straight. It is holding up great! Still looks new! USE IT!
  14. i've been using mine all the time. the weather here has been in the upper 80's. she's still in good shape.
  15. I live in a very temperate area in California. It only gets slightly cold in the winter & we do get a rainy season (late fall/winter through Spring). I've been using my bordeaux about 3-4 days a week since it came home with me last month...yes, I have placed it in a shopping cart...tee hee...and yes, I've worn it in the rain. I do take good care of my LV's but this is the least fussy one IMO because of the patent leather. As the weather gets colder & wetter, it'll prolly get more use since it's the only LV I own with no vachetta. The only concern for this bag would be not to scratch up the patent which cannot be shined up again if it does sustain damage. I don't place the bag on surfaces where it may get scratch and now that you've mentioned it, a shopping cart could be one of them. Now I'll think of you every time I go to the grocery store :graucho:

    I guess whatever level of care you're comfortable with is what you should do...enjoy your noir to the fullest!