To my fellow Marylanders.......

  1. I guess I am the last purse addict in Maryland to find out about the Saks Fifth Avenue Distribution Center/Company Store in Aberdeen, Maryland. Just heard about it a few weeks ago. Made my first visit there on yesterday. It was well worth the hour long drive. They had some great purses. I found a black medium/large Prada bag for $199....MSRP $895. Yeaaaaa me! :smile: I will definitely make the trip again next month. I wish I could go weekly. :yes: Have you been? What did you find?
  2. Haven't been, but would love to go. I'm off Friday, maybe I'll make the trip to Aberdeen. Was it crowded, how was the parking?
  3. Wow, you really lucked out. I may have to check it out, and take a small road trip. It is easy to find?
  4. It was not crowded or too hard to find. I used mapquest. Parking was good. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 6. I got there about noon. The SA said its better to get there right when they open and sometimes they even have a small line waiting before the doors open.
  5. Wow! I always knew the distribution center was there but wasn't aware it was also a store! Thanks for posting this, i'll be going next Saturday! :smile: