to my damier speedy friends... i need your help

  1. i live in the US, so if i order the damier speedy 30 online, will it most likely be "made in USA"?

    i'd prefer made in france.
  2. It probably will be made in USA.

    The quality/craftsmanship is still the same. But to each his own...
  3. i bought my 25 from elux when they first came out and mine is made in france
  4. Both my Damier ebene and Damier Azur were bought in U.S., ebene from boutique and Azur from Eluxury, both are made in France.
  5. Mine is made in the USA, bought from the boutique about a month after it came out...from what I remember, the first shipment was made in France and consecutive shipments were from USA.
    The quality isn't any different IMO.
  6. Does anyone have a clue about where ones bought in Canada typically come from? Probably US, but it would be tres cool if it were made in France.
  7. I've seen both, but you're more likely to get a made in USA one.
  8. Not necessarily but it seems a lot of them are us made now a days. I have 3 LV...the 4th one is on it's way as I type :smile:, and 1 is made in France the other 2 are US
  9. my damier speedy 25 is made in france - i purchased it a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Thanks ayla and leema183 for the info!
  11. Mine is too! Bought it in TO this past weekend!