To Mirage Or Not To Mirage?

  1. I did not waitlist for them, but my PS just phoned that she is holding a bordeaux and noir speedy for me to take a look at. As much as I love the mono speedy, I don't own one because of vachetta handles (don't care much for vachetta). So I thought this would be a perfect one for me but am still undecided.

    What I'd like to know is how everyone feels about the mirage and if you like it, which one would you choose? Bordeaux or Noir?

  2. I vote for Bordeaux, honestly not a fan of the Noir...good luck with your decision! I hope you get it!
  3. I like the line. The fading effect makes it very unique. You should go see them IRL and see if LVoe takes hold. Sorry I'm not much help on the color choice as I like them both. Though I think the black might match more stuff.
  4. GO for it and go Bordeaux!:yahoo:
  5. I went in and saw them in real life yesterday and think they are just gorgeous! I didn't waitlist unfortunately, so now I am crossing my fingers that I'll get my hands on a Noir. I like the Bordeaux, but a bag that goes PERFECTLY with black & brown outfits?!? Sign me up.

    Go see what you feel.
  6. I got it in black!!! It goes with my wardrobe!!
  7. I didn't wait list either and am kicking myself. I am the owner of a mono and damier speedy (not much of a Speedy fan myself but I have them) and I absolutely love the Bordeaux.

    queenmap does have a point though, a bag that goes with black and brown is good to have.
  8. I'm still on the fence myself the best idea is to go and look at them out of the 2 I prefer the Bordeaux.
  9. The bordeuax is stunning. The noir is pretty too, but there was something about the burgubdy color that made me catch my breath!
  10. I plan on checking them out after work tonight at another boutique as they close later than the one I go to.
  11. i have a noir on hold for me which i will go pick up on saturday. i'm hoping i made the right choice. from pictures posted here i prefer the noir over bordeaux.
  12. I say go look at both and see which tugs at your heart strings ... it's LE, so might regret it if you pass and they are all gone ... I prefer the noir.
  13. I hope I dont offend anyone because I know many of you ladies love them, but personally, I don't care for them. Which I guess is good because it saves me some money!!
  14. I chose bordeaux...I love it....but I also love the can't go wrong with either. See them IRL and then you will be able to make up your mind.
  15. AFter seeing all pics here I wasn't sure if it was a bag I'd like. I got it in the mail yesterday and oh my gosh....LOVE it. I got the Noir (only because I'm more practical and it will go with everything)! =)

    Let us know what you decide.