To Mick & The Sunshine Committee :heart:

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  1. What can I say... Whenever things look as if they will break you in half out comes the on pour of good wishes and prayers of the wonderful and generous people of tPF. I received today a wonderful bouquet of beautiful flowers from Mick and the Sunshine Committee that put a wonderful smile on my face and when I told my husband it was for the both of us to wish us well in health and life after all the trauma and the surprise on his face was priceless:heart: To quote "Those purse lovin ladies sent those!!" He's so cute and I am so blessed to have him and all of you in my life, so if I could toast you I would but here I will just let these two do it for me :drinkup: Thank you all that have taken the moment out of your lives for another person, it is such a wonderful thing and I can't thank you enough for taking the time out for myself and my family. God Bless you and keep you healthy and safe.
    Thank you all :heart:

    I will take a photo of the beautiful bouquet as soon as I can!!! xox
  2. Mick always comes through, doesn't she? Best wishes for better times, chag.
  3. Mick is our own personal angel, no doubt! Hope you are well Chag.:heart:
  4. ITA :tup: Mick is the Greatest!

    I hope things are looking up for you Chag

  5. oh chag....i did not see this and was frantic that something happened to you all in the fires:sad:....whew! :sweatdrop:i'm so glad you are all safe.:girlsigh:
    glad it cheered up hubby too! ha! that is very cute.:p
    stay strong and everything will right it self soon, i'm sure.:flowers::heart:
    we all care and wanted you to know it!:yes:
  6. Your just the best :heart: all of you are just great people, I am so happy I have found a home here.
  7. So glad you're out there Chag and surviving. A ray or two of sunshine is the very least you deserve and Mick is, I agree, a complete TPF superstar. Stay safe and well, there are a lot of us thinking of you.